TISA Patna SHG Meeting

Hello friends!

Today it was Sunday started the day with full of cold, as we were planned last night to hold a SHG meet. When we reached Gandhi maidan (venue of SHG) there was entry prohibited for common man we lose hope. As we reached after having long suffer like somebodies was coming from Gaya and covering very large distance . We started practice at roadside like asking to taxi driver or roadside Walker meanwhile we found message from Mohit bro he invited us to come my office there is enough space for practice and toastmaster meeting is also going on but we tried to get taxi and reach there but nobody was known to that place where mohit told us to reach and actually it was so far. Lastly we got idea and we reached to SK Puri park on boaring road there was 10/- rs per capita entry fee, we paid and entered to the place. One of participants namely Aakash Tiwari who started practice on call from entry gate 👏. There after all participants reached and we started following agenda what we planned last night firstly we had power introduction round then 10 mins guided meditation then Naresh explained acceptance concept, shubham described all the techniques, Aakash shared his experience regarding selection in NDA, Nitesh is a singer who shared his experience of past life, Mohit was hosting the meeting. Thereafter we started impromptu presentation session and then there was many flowers arround us so we started flower ‘s picture click competition who can click best so it was amazing session, everyone were  obsessed in clicking best pictures .

Thereafter we started practice with strangers, Mohit did approach to a group of students they were studying together and we discussed stammering related ideas and took their views on Stammering, some of them were telling we don’t know that stammerers feel embarrassed, guilt while they stammer  We educated the group about Stammering, should not mock if someone are Stammering, should listen stammerers is one of big help, let complete sentences of stammerers himself, etc.

After taking groupfile and having Cup of tea we winded up the meeting. 🤝

Thanks all the participants 🤗

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