TISA Bangalore Shg meeting: 29/10/23. Note: The following is the report from the self-help meeting in Bangalore on  29th October. The report is from Labani Samantha, one of the participants. These self-help meetings happened across India- Delhi, Jaipur, Mumbai, etc. More information can be found on the TISA website. The joining details are at the end. Participants: Labani, […]


Pa..Pa.. Palghar. The day was friday. As a lawyer by profession I was excited since morning because of the weekend. I had already started to day dream two days of relaxing, sleeping, eating and doing nothing. The excitement was shortlived as I had to cross a valley of fire. No, not exactly fire but for […]

Great Tips for parents

Last Saturday, I was talking to a parent.One of the sentences he used, got stuck in my head: “He (=son) is at a stage where he thinks, ‘I know better than my father’..” May be son is wrong to think that. May be father too is wrong to think that! Stammering IS such a problem. […]

Approach Avoidance conflict

In last 8-9 years, I have browsed and read all kind of writings on stammering- yes, even articles titled “Cure your stammering under 7 minutes”, even Nathaniel Bogue- but two writers have fascinated me no end. It is not what they said or wrote- but the kind of life they had lived- which continues to […]


When it came to speaking on stage, I was horrible! Just could not say a word!  TM helped me greatly. I am fine now..  Is this a much cherished case of a stammer cure through public speaking? Sounds like that but not necessary..  There are two different disorders which look and behave alike: Stammering and […]

What are you good at?

“I decided to leave my comfort zone and give my first TV interview.” Gustafson decided to speak to the Golf Channel. The editing team worked for two hours on the 70 minutes it took her to answer nine questions. The result? A three-and-a-half-minute interview.   These lines caught my eyes. Yes, it is the story […]

World Disability Day

Are people with “regular” disability better adjusted in their environment, with their inner self as compared to average pws? Pawan and I went and particiapted in the disability rally in Vikasnagar and interacted with many people to understand that question- as well as, understand what do people think about stammering? While Pawan handled the camera, […]

3 Questions from Delhi WS

 The Delhi Workshop generated some questions; we are trying to answer them here, so that all the readers benefit. Is stammering neurological or psychological? What percentage of it is neurological?……. Rahul Das stammering समय के साथ-२ इतनी variable क्यों होती है?…… Balveer Singh  Many PWS say that they stammer only on some particular letters/vowels, is it […]

Sounds familiar?

This story from UK sounds familiar: It highlights the role of recovering stammerers in helping others, keeping in touch with self help groups and coaches, accepting the need for long term management (rather than one time cure)  and celebrating our “differences”.

Lessons from Pagemaker..

As a health professional, teaching Pagemaker 7 to a group of ten young students in a community college, I had to use all the ingenuity and caution. Pagemaker could be compared to a tropical forest full of options, commands, work-arounds, short-cuts and whatnot. So, number one task for me was to find out well used […]

Our people, our times..

I was born in an era much after Gandhi and Independence. I read of him only in history books. Recent events gave me a glimpse of what it must have been like when Gandhi walked this land in flesh.. what it must have been like when the nation responded to his call for peaceful non-cooperation […]


Sometimes, what is very close to us, becomes ‘invisible’ to us- like our face, our eyes. You need another’s help to take a speck from your eyes. Same way, for many of us, even though stammering has been very close to us- and yet, it has been so mysterious. We dont really understand much about […]

Glitch in our growing brain..

Here is some more discovery about our brain: it seems that because of some deficit in certain areas in left brain in growing years, integration of hearing and speaking takes place on the right side- but imperfectly. This contributes to stammering; Not just speech, it affects certain other functions also like finger tapping. Read here […]


“..Speech pathologist and therapists have never been able to cure stuttering because most of the causes are of the spiritual world (or dimension) and not accessible by scientific methods. From a psychic’s view, a stuttering problem is caused by any combination of four factors including the throat chakra, curse, karma knot and habit. (I will […]

Ideas worth Spreading..

May be you know all about TED.. But let me recommend two of these: 1. JD Schramm asks us to break the silence surrounding suicide and suicide attempts… This video reminded me so much of many youngsters trying to talk about stammering for the FIRST time in life.. Great relevance to us.. 2. Success […]

Law and disability..

p { margin-bottom: 0.21cm; } “The Centre for Disability Studies (CDS) has put together a working draft of the New Law. It is a working draft, which means that it is a draft on which work can still happen and will still happen…” I am sharing some interesting parts from it. If you want to […]

New Year in a Rail..

TJY tries to simulate Gandhi and Vivekananda’s journey through India- which helped to consolidate their ideas as to what could help transform this vast land..Religious Yatra is an integral part of our cultural landscape..Many of us are meeting the intelligent and young Indians from the “middle India”. Thoughts, ideas are ricocheting all over the train […]