BIG Announcement : The much-awaited yearly event of TISA will be happening in the Capital of India, New Delhi at very eco-friendly and peaceful place “Zorba The Buddha” on 6th, 7th and 8th November 2022. Registration are opened !!!! Total Seats : 100 | Registration till now : 98 | Available seats : 02 | Donate […]

Delhi SHG Meeting Report

Hi PWS, In this meeting, 19 people came. It was very energetic meeting. Following were the roles assigned to people: Overall Host and Feedback session host: Vikas Ranga Acceptance Activities Host: Dixit Arora Communication Activities Host: Vishal Gupta. Following are the four parts of the meeting: 1. Introduction: Vikas gave introduction of TISA, ground rules […]

Delhi SHG Meeting – Naya Savera…….

I have attended the SHG meeting on Sunday the 20th Oct 2013 at Central Park, Connaught Place.   This was my first ever meeting ever since I first came to know about it in National Conference at Indian Social Institute in Delhi. Today a total of nine PWS attended the meeting.  The meeting started with […]

3 Questions from Delhi WS

 The Delhi Workshop generated some questions; we are trying to answer them here, so that all the readers benefit. Is stammering neurological or psychological? What percentage of it is neurological?……. Rahul Das stammering समय के साथ-२ इतनी variable क्यों होती है?…… Balveer Singh  Many PWS say that they stammer only on some particular letters/vowels, is it […]

Black and White

23rd Oct. Comm WS, Delhi. Theory at ISI. Practicals at Palika Bazar. Eve of Deepawali. Heaven of Bargainers and quick deals. Abhishek and myself were also their for a quick bounce. Yes, we were checking out if we could practice acceptance in real life, say that we stammer and introduce ourselves with bouncing technique. All […]

Delhi- Republic day 2011

Just four of us eventually got together in central park.. Gaurav, Nitin, JP and Sachin (Right to left in the picture above) We discussed some organizational issues, some brain storming, some planning ahead and some “free” talk.. Kishore phoned from Italy and interacted with all of us..

Delhi meet 16th Jan

Dear Friends, We are organizing the “Delhi SHG Meeting” Sunday 16th Jan 2011.Location Akshardham TempleNew Delhi Time : 1 PM to 3 PM Please join us. In case any query please call : Gaurav @ 9871820708 Nitin @ 9818350799 ThanksGaurav Trivedi

Delhi Meeting

Dear Friends, We are having a TISA self-help group meeting this Sunday at my place. The theme of this meeting will be presentations and mock interviews. Please prepare a presentation on a topic of your choice (not more than 15 slides and 7 minutes). After the topic there will be a Q/A round of 3-5 […]

Delhi Group meets- 2nd May 2010

We people gathered at akshardham temple in the morning and kicked off our first meeting with the new guidelines. First, we had an introductory session in which everyone just had to say their names. Later, we had a small exercise of asking the names of each other, so that everyone got to know each other. […]

Delhi SHG fund raising

Hi, It was a great SHG on Sunday (7th Feb 2010). Aakash, Anuj, Arun, Sikander, Zoraver, Kishore and myself had come for the meeting. 1st of all, I would really like to thanks and appreciate the efforts of Kishore for booking the Conference hall & accomodation for Keith. He, all by himself did all the […]

Jab we met in Connaught place!

Hi, the Delhi SHG meeting was held on 13th December 2009 at the Central Park Connaught Place. To start with, there were Arun and myself in the meeting, Anuj had to join late. We met and discussed about how our practises were going on and what changes have we observed over the period. We both […]

Delhi Meet (04-April-2009) Report

Hi, We had the weekly Delhi meet at the usual place – Central Park, Connaught Place at the usual time 2:00 PM. This time we have decided to have the meeting in a planned, controlled manner rather than the ad-hoc manner of previous meetings. Sikander was chosen as the coordinator for the meeting, and he […]

Delhi SHG Meeting

Hi, The Delhi SHG weekly meeting will be held this Saturday. Details – Date: 04-Apr-2009Time: 2:00 PMVenue – Central Park, Connaught Place If you want to join us, contact me on 98183 50799. Cheers Nitin

Delhi Group Meeting

Hi, This Saturday, the group meeting took place at 2:00 PM at our usual place – the Central Park, Connaught Place, New Delhi. We had 10 attendees this time – Myself, Sikandar, Tarun, Kshitiz, Shivam, Sudhanshu, Deepak, Kishore, Pulkit and Vishal. We did the usual bit of introducing each other and sharing our experiences. Vishal […]

Delhi TISA meet

Hi, After a gap of three weeks, Delhi TISA SHG meetings will be resuming fromtomorrow. We have 7 confirmations till now. Give me a call @ 98183 50799,if interested to join us. DetailsVenue – Central Park, Connaught Place, New DelhiTime – 2:00 PM Regards Nitin

Delhi 21st Feb Meet Report

Hi, This Saturday the Delhi Group met at it’s usual location – Central Park, Connaught Place, at the usual time – 2:00 PM. The first thought I had in my mind was that we will have to find another place for our meetings soon. Summer has already set-in and it was uncomfortably hot. Very soon […]

Delhi takes off!

After dilly-dallying for long, the Delhi team finally decided to meeton 24th January. We started with a pool of about 15 people. I talkedto each one of the group, asking them to come to the team; but thisbeing a long week-end many people were traveling out of Delhi and inthe end we had three confirmations […]

First Meeting in Delhi

Delhi group is getting ready for the D-day: 24th Jan. Nitin is revving people up… 4-5 people seem to have made up their mind.. TISA is watching this development with great interest.

IBN7 takes a shot at stammering.

One of our Core group members, Dr B K Singh from Maihar, has been interviewed by IBN7 in Delhi. He has talked about stammering and what TISA plans to do on this issue. We will let you know when they air the program.. Hope, this trend will continue and gain momentum..Thank you IBN7 !