BIG Announcement : The much-awaited yearly event of TISA will be happening in the Capital of India, New Delhi at very eco-friendly and peaceful place “Zorba The Buddha” on 6th, 7th and 8th November 2022. Registration are opened !!!! Total Seats : 100 | Registration till now : 98 | Available seats : 02 | Donate […]

opens soon

7th TISA National Conference @ Chandigarh

Welcome Message* | Agenda | About Chandigarh | Seats Availability – No Seats available at the venue now, New Registrants please select Local Pack and book accomodation also. For nearby Oyo/Hotels Contact Us on  +91 99889 90330 | Registration Packages | How to Register | NC registered participants | How to Reach venue | Location | Important Contacts | Places […]

Announcement: 6th TISA National Conference – 2016: Registrations Open

REGISTRATIONS CLOSED See you in Goa! Now the fees has been increased as per the late fees penalty. Now plz see below the fees structure and accordingly you have to add 500 as a penalty.  Accommodating last minute request for presentation/ talk etc. will be difficult. If you wish to do so, please send us an outline/ […]

National Conference – A Teaser

Dear all… The fourth National Conference is round the corner… It’s been four years since we started this journey in Bhubaneshwar. National conference is a great place where you can be “yourself” and feel at home. Sharings, gupshups, food, travel and fun… Have a look at this teaser… It’s capturing some memoirs of first TISA […]

Waiting List..

Last 2 seats are left. After last 2 seats are reserved, a “Waiting List” will be allowed for 10 members. [Those who register first will be put in waiting list, for any cancellations, waiting list will stand a chance to participate – First come first serve] Those who want to register please follow the link – […]

NC Updates

p { margin-bottom: 0.21cm; } Register (brochure)           2ND ROUND- EXPECTATIONS FROM NC *If you have any queries, mail us at- info “at” stammer.in td p { margin-bottom: 0cm; }p { margin-bottom: 0.21cm; }address.cjk { font-style: italic; }address.ctl { font-style: italic; }a:link { } Hostel and NC Venue Institute of Health Sciences, N2/41, IRC Village,Bhubaneswar,750015,Orissa, India.E-mail […]

For people staying in Hostel at NC

Thank you Mr.Sunda for the mail. Hostel accommodation can be organised by the superviser Balaram Nayak, Ph:9090909503 Institute of Health Sciences is located at CHANDAKA. That means Chandaka village, Chandaka Police station, Chandaka Post office, Chandaka Institutional Area, Mouza: Chandaka, ………ha..ha….. The only problem reaching IHS, at Chandaka is, it is not connected by public […]

Keith Calling..

p { margin-bottom: 0.21cm; } My very dear TISA friends, Many journeys are planned in advance. Some journeys do not start, because there are no people willing or able to take that very necessary first step. Until 2006 there was no effective central place in India for people who stammer to get together to talk […]

Lessons from NSA..

I was advised by a friend to check out old NC of NSA, for more ideas. Granted that there are many differences between TISA and NSA, here is what I discovered and was positively impressed by. The sessions they plan are many, diverse, cater to different age groups and often run parallel. This offers choices […]

NC 2nd Round: Expectations

This is a run up to NC- collecting “expectations” from ALL the participants. Once we have a SENSE of expectations, we will be able to utilize our resources (esp. time) accordingly, so that all participants can get an “optimum” experince out of this first collective effort at national level. Here is Harish, our inhouse editor. […]

Judy Kuster speaks on NC

Watch Judith Kuster an American Speech-Language and Hearing Association certified speech-language pathologist and an emeritus professor in the Department of Speech, Hearing and Rehabilitation Services, Minnesota State University, Mankato , speak on the the first National Conference of TISA and why you should attend it.

Hotel Bookings

PFB the bookings schedule for NC. If any error, mail us at info “at” stammer.in Hostel Accomodation: Abhishek, Mohit, Pramendra, Rakesh. Hotel Accomodation: Check in Date/Time Check out Date/Time No of rooms Booked in the name Other People in the room(s) 27th Dec 2011, 12 noon 2nd Jan 2012, 8 AM 2 Jai Prakash Sachin, […]

Production: Rossi and Srivastava

Just listened to two stammerers, talking hind legs OFF a donkey! Yes, one was famous Rossi and the other was “yours truly” (sachin). Never knew, that it can be such fun to be interviewed! I wish Job interviews were like this for a change..Hey, HRD guys, please learn something from Daniele Rossi about how to […]

Un-official FAQ for NC

p { margin-bottom: 0.21cm; }a:link { } A young reader has send us this FAQ. Hesays that TISA is not able to answer REAL questions in a way that isunderstood by common people. Therefore, he took the trouble ofdeveloping this FAQ. TISA takes no responsibility and apologizes inadvance if it offends some. FAQ by a […]

Travelling in a group!

Hi Guys, Finally we a group of 7 people have booked our tickets in the following trains in sleeper class : 1. 26th December 2011 (Delhi to Bhubnaeswar) : 12282/BBS DURONTO EXP 2. 1st January 2012 (Bhubnaeswar to Delhi): 12801/PURUSHOTTAM EXP (3 more people are expected to join us; so it will be 10 people […]

NC update !

1. Hotel Bari International, IRC Village, Nayapalli, Bhubaneswar is where 12 double rooms have been booked for 28th Dec to 1st Jan @ Rs.1200 per room. IRC Village is the most conveniently located area in Bhubaneswar. It is 4KM from Railway station, 5KM from Airport, perched on the NH-5. You can expect some support to […]