Our first National conference’s agenda

Dear all, Here is the first draft of the agenda :http://www.scribd.com/doc/59881661/Conference-Agenda The Venue will be IHS( http://www.ihsindia.org/ ) at Bhubaneshwar.Please send your feedback and comments to jaiprakashsunda at gmail.com and satksri at gmail.com. Mr Manimaran has suggested following topics; if you have something in your mind, which is not covered by the current agenda, please […]

Bidding ends!!

Dear all, Due to the lack of enthusiasm in all of us for organising the first National Meet, we have accepted the bid of IHS( http://www.ihsindia.org/ ) at Bhubaneshwar. No, actually, we approached them and they kindly agreed to our request! This sets all of us free to concentrate on participating, rather than worrying about […]

Bidding Starts!!

Dear all, The bidding process for the first National Meet of TISA starts NOW! We invite applications from the volunteers who want to host this in their cities, with the basic details like expenses for hosting such a event for around 40-50 people for four days (tentative dates are around Christmas this year), facilities available, […]

National Meet!!

Dear all, NSA is having their 28th National Conference this July(http://www.westutter.org/opencms/export/sites/default/nsa/pdfs/2011_Conference_Program.pdf). So, how about an all India Meet this Christmas. Do you think we can have a fourday meet at some suitable location in India? It will be an awesome experience,thats for sure! Looking forward to your comments (We are already lagging behind by 28 […]