TISA Bangalore Shg meeting: 30/07/23. Note: The following is the report from the self-help meeting in Bangalore on 30th July. The report is from Promod, one of the participants. These self-help meetings happened across India- Delhi, Jaipur, Mumbai, etc. More information can be found on the TISA website. Attendees: Sudhanshu, Vivek, Dr. Arjun, Keerthan, Labani, Akshay, […]


Pa..Pa.. Palghar. The day was friday. As a lawyer by profession I was excited since morning because of the weekend. I had already started to day dream two days of relaxing, sleeping, eating and doing nothing. The excitement was shortlived as I had to cross a valley of fire. No, not exactly fire but for […]

Living with stammering..

Friends here is a true story.. Very inspiring.. Please listen to the whole interview.. It is full of deep insights! I also happen to see this item: How NSA is helping children and their parents in innovative ways.. Lots to learn!

Worker sacked due to stutter in UK

Friends, here is a shocking story from UK about a worker being sacked due to stutter; This is why, we need to work with society, sharing what we know with them and changing their attitudes towards stammering and stammerers. Seeking fluency just for ourselves is not going to be enough..

Morning Meditations

Here are two posts, which made my morning today. Hope it does same for you. Are stammerers mocked only in India? Obviously not. But for every such act, many people will come out in support of the person being mocked; check this:  What happens in this country? We make Golmal 3 to celebrate the […]

World Disability Day

Are people with “regular” disability better adjusted in their environment, with their inner self as compared to average pws? Pawan and I went and particiapted in the disability rally in Vikasnagar and interacted with many people to understand that question- as well as, understand what do people think about stammering? While Pawan handled the camera, […]

Over and Out !

Wow! Another brave soldier goes for the kill..the real battle against dismissive and discriminatory attitudes..

Stammering a disability?

We had had this argument sometime back- and there are strong adherents on both sides! Something to be said both for and against that position. But let us get the discussion more informed. Here is a pdf file submitted by Australia Speak Easy Association (ASEA), in collaboration with speech pathologists, to request the Australian government […]

About Ethics and Cure

The protest against SCC, Bangalore has triggered an interesting debate- Stammering Cure. Cure in medical terms is achieved when the health is restored back to it’s normal state after being affected by a disease, and the symptoms of the disease no longer exist. For instance, if I had malaria, one major symptom would be- I […]

Get the ‘cure’ out..!

I came across Partha Bagchi’s Stammering Cure Centre in the year 1998, when he advertised on a newspaper in Goa. The advertisement showed a lot of promise, and claimed to be the only centre which can cure stammering in two weeks. My parents planned a visit to the centre. When I visited him for the […]

Is there a cure?

Can Partho Bagchi cure stammering? Is he cured himself?Sadly, answer to both questions is NO. Please watch the video testimony of an ex-client of SCC. This testimony emphasises that it is better to go for a trained SLP, Yoga, Meditation, self-help group etc. than to waste money at SCC, Banglore, chasing the promised cure. Talking […]

Stop preying on desperate people in distress..

Latest: Read Sanjib’s Interview.Dear FriendsTISA has received a complaint from a young IPWS and therefore starteda campaign against Stammering Cure Center, Banglore, run by Mr ParthoBagchi, an ex Accountant. He claims that he has cured thousands and hecan cure any kind of stammering under two weeks.Here is the link to our protest: India is […]


A few days ago, I read a post on TISA blog which inquired about scholarships on the basis of stammering. Dr. Akash replied that unless stammering is formally recognized as a handicap by the Government of India, scholarships couldn’t be granted. I also noticed a few comments which complained and fretted about the fact that […]

I m OK, U r OK.

A very popular psychology book, promoted the understanding of how we view ourselves and the world- and how these basic concepts warps our interactions with others as we grow up. “I am not okay, you are not okay” will give rise to intense negativity and sociopathy. “I am okay, you are not okay” gives rise […]

Rs 20,000 fee for stammering “cure”

I was doing a little bit of search on Internet about the fee for stammering “cure”. I came across this page: I was surprised that it did not mention the fee. Just gave a phone number – 09815002267. I phoned and mentioned that I wish to refer some children who stammer (- true actually-). The […]

A Therapist who truly cares

TISA was very happy to read this comment from an American Speech therapist on our on line petition: As the executive director of the American Institute for Stuttering in New York City and a speech therapist who helps those who stutter I find this film offensive. We have devoted our lives to help those who […]

TISA’s response to Comments in Media

In the first week of November 2010, we shared our views and the grounds of our petition, with the leading media houses. But nothing ever surfaced. Now suddenly the news is all over and it shares the view point of the makers of Golmaal 3. Veiled doubts have been raised about our motives and seriousness. […]