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ABC of Advocacy..

Here are some random thoughts on advocacy, especially self advocacy ie. being advocates for our own issues. 1. You must have an opinion. There may be no law supporting it at the moment BUT, your constitution gives you a RIGHT to have an opinion. And this opinion should be well considered and firm- not swayed […]

Society changes- Bollywood stays the same..

We dont wish to gloat but many more reviews are confirming what TISA said 2 weeks back. Will the movie makers take note of this fact that we as society are not amused by poking fun at mute, stammerers, blind people? Here is another review: “..Slowly but surely humor turns to futility especially in the […]

Learning Disabilities

I was invited by Azim Premji Foundation, to dscuss learning disabiliies in a Tecaher’s conference on 3rd November at Arakot (Tiuni), on the border of Uttarakhand and Himachal Pradesh. About 50 teachers were present. I discussed role of poor vision, poor hearing, Dyslexia, Dysgraphia, ADHD, Tourrette syndrome, Stammering, other social issues (eg. single parent) leading […]

First Success

To see our petition in the cause list:Go to: click “cause list” in the left hand frame. In the right hand frame, you will see a drop down list or dates. Click for date: 29/10/2010 Click “go”.Daily cause list will open in the same right hand frame. Click the button “Case number wise” (right […]

Is this “Acceptance”?

I came across a very balanced analytical therapy review at IPWS yahoo group (5712); one statement stands out: “..ACCEPTANCE is the most important part, this is not taught in BAGCHI’S course..” Why dont therapists talk about Acceptance?Is it because if they did so, the client will run away saying: If I had to accept my […]

It Hurts?

Last week, I came across this yet another website, started by one of those self-proclaimed “ex-stammerer”, who have come up with a program to get rid of stutter (it’s amazing how the species belonging to this community is growing at an alarming rate!). Everything usual about this site, but one thing worth a mention is […]

An IT team with a difference!

On first anniversary of TISA web-site launch, it gives me immense pleasure to announce another initiative TISA has taken and fortunately I am at the forefront of it. There are many IT professionals, designers, Web site developers and people with other talents in TISA, who have not been able to put their skills to use […]

Rs 20,000 in 20 days & the cure

TISA has received following feedback about a Speech therapist in Chandigarh: “I had around two telephonic discussions with a speech therapist based in Chandigarh in recent past, who assured complete cure for a fee of Rs.20000/- to be paid in advance.. During discussions he mentioned that he will give contact numbers of persons who had […]

Sign the petition for a better tomorrow..

Peter Reitzes of Stutter talk is sending a petition to ASHA to ensure that SLPs honor its ethics and dont lead the stutterers up the garden path.. This is important. We all (-I haven’t met an exception so far-) have suffered at the hands of some or other SLPs who would either over charge us […]

Public figures and stammering

Recently a TISA member was criticised by colleagues for mentioning stammering, while writing a post on Swapnil Asnodkar. TISA sees nothing shameful about stammering, in public or in private. Infact, when a PWS makes good, we only want to congratulate him and celebrate his acheivement, to emphasise in a way, that inspite of negative social […]

Fluke fluency, Chinese water & conch-shells

Some time back, I decided to give up using Windows and switch to Linux (Fedora). An IT friend installed it and then he had to leave. I tried installing my USB modem on my own- with great courage! I hunted for threads in support forums, read help files, consulted experts on-line, cut/paste some ‘config’ file- […]


Many of us have felt the discrimination based on our speech: from something small like a frown to material things like not getting the deserved promotion and other opportunities. Do we have a Disability Act like in America/ other countries? Even if it is there, can one really take its help to get her /his […]

Stuttering Communes?

Can living in communes be some kind of a solution for the emotional alienation we feel?Many people do that all the time- by renting a house in a particular quarter of the city, or by joining some housing colony or some kind of group based on ethnic, communal, linguistic or other bases. Imagine the joy […]

social problem, social solution

Social problem, Social solution- this has been going on in my head like a mantra for some time. Yes, I think stammering is a problem whose solution can NOT be found just by reading a book, browsing web, posting a message in a chat group, watching a self help video- No, one must get out […]

Pension SLPs

Recently I came across a pension newsletter for retired government employees. Interestingly, it has many advertisement of Speech Language Pathologists (SLPs) mainly for hearing aids but this can be a good database for TISA as well….. Akash

Another “Vicks”

I am another “Vicks”.. Let us use this name.. It is good. It doesn’t require doctor’s prescription!Here is another of my experiences:When I was a mere child, I was teased about my bumpy speech and it used to hurt. When I was just about 7-8 years, I often would sit quiet and think of life […]

Vicks’ gift to 2009..

I am “Vicks”.There are many experiences of my life..Some good and some bad… i would like to share most of them.Then you can choose what to publish in the blog 🙂 I was in class 8. It was the history class.I always feared reading in front of the whole class.That day sir told me to […]