TISA Bangalore Shg meeting: 30/07/23. Note: The following is the report from the self-help meeting in Bangalore on 30th July. The report is from Promod, one of the participants. These self-help meetings happened across India- Delhi, Jaipur, Mumbai, etc. More information can be found on the TISA website. Attendees: Sudhanshu, Vivek, Dr. Arjun, Keerthan, Labani, Akshay, […]

Pour your heart out

TISA Bangalore shg-meet: 02-07-2023. The following is the report from the self-help meeting in Bangalore on 2nd July. The report is from Tapan, one of the participants. These self-help meetings happened across India- Delhi, Jaipur, Mumbai, etc. More information can be found on the TISA website. We PWS often talk about breaking out of our […]

If he can do then even we can do because he is a human too ! Becoming a Google’s employee is a dream for many and few people never consider Google as a dream job as they think they wont fit with their standards. One day we will realize that because we are dreaming little – we are not achieving big ! But what this buddy has shown to this […]

A little walk in the mountains

  p { margin-bottom: 0.25cm; line-height: 120%; } As the alarm rang at 6.40 am, on this cold January morning, I did not want to get up for the planned hike. Then, I tried to visualize what a wonderful experience it would be – walking up the mountain, on a beautiful sunny winter morning! How […]

Holi Greetings!

TISA wishes Holi greetings to everyone! We hope and pray that we become a community of IPWS who are willing to learn from each other, who are excited to share what has worked for us and who are open to diveristy of opinions, view points and life-experinces. I share some interesting news items from around […]

Positive and Inspiring!

Friends, here is a beautiful true account of a police officer overcoming stammering in USA. Some of the lessons, I learned at once in this inspiring story are: 1. Ken drew his inspiration through physical fitness. Reaching a high level of fitness, boosted his self-esteem and inspired him in his “speech area” as well… 2. […]


Friends- I came across a video: Football players protect a special needs girl from bullies. It was really good- worth sharing. There are 3 more videos about identity (accepting oneself) and about bullying- how a single dissenter can change the entire game.. Each, with a deep message for us in TISA

Sharing an inspiring email..

Thanks a lot …  But i can tell you i am not the only one who is trying to break away from the chains of stammering, there are several PWS who are doing something different in their lives which in someway or the other is helping them deviate their minds off stammering and focusing on […]

Meeting Jasbirji

Jasbirji is presently in Goa, and I had an opportunity to meet him today at the lodge where he is staying. The evening spent with Jasbirji today is a lasting memory I will cherish for my life time. Jasbirji’s smiling face welcomed me, and within no time, I was very much comfortable talking to him, […]

Pain to Power..

Just watched this brave Indian woman on a ted video. It made me realise that many of us find communication difficult beacuse we dont really have anything worthy to say.. but not Sunitha Krishnan.. Watch and support her, whichever way you can..

सपने भलाई के लिए हो तो हर कोई साथ देता है

          पहली कहानी- सुबह का समय था| बारह साल की बच्ची भूखी थी| रात में खाली पेट ही सो गयी,उस वक्त उसे ब्रेड का एक छोटा सा टुकड़ा मिल पाया था, जो वह सड़क के किनारे पड़े कचरे से बिन कर लायी थीउसे सड़क किनारे लगे हेंडपंप से मग में पानी […]

On Pilgrimage..

Dear Friends, I am just back from a five day solo trek in the Himalayas: Hanumanchatti (near Yamunotry) to Dodital (near Uttarkashi). It was a beautiful experience. In solitude, I met my thoughts, got a glimpse of what life could be, unencumbered by what we call “daily necessities”.. and developed a great fondness for my […]

We Can Fly

Do watch the 10th June episode of Satyameva Jayate if you have missed it. The theme was – “Persons with Disabilities” – We can fly. Even though Stammering is not identified as a disability in our country, and whether it should come into the purview of disability is still debated, everything that was shown and […]

शान से चलो !!

क्यों फिक्र गिरने की जब बादलों को छूने का हौसला है तुम में , बस  निडर बनो और बढ़ चलो!     नहीं होते परवाज़ सभी के पास, लग जायेंगे पंख पैरों में , उड़ने की चाह  लेकर बस उड़  चलो !   मंजिल की फिक्र किस बात की जब रास्ते पर है तुम्हे यकीं हर […]

Leave the keyboard, grab a Basket ball..

Another story of, as we mentioned earlier, excellence at one thing benefitting other aspects of life- including stammering: I didn’t stutter on the basketball court. I just destroyed people, and all of a sudden all the jokes went away, and as my confidence got better, my speech impediment, it just went away. Read more.

Amitabh does it..

Friends- watch this episode of KBC: A pws plays the game and shares his story. Beautiful. Amitabh tries to complete his words at couple of occasions- but on the whole, the entire program was conducted very well- in a very genuine fashion. Amitabh too, is very supportive through out. The question of high fees […]