Holi Greetings!

TISA wishes Holi greetings to everyone! We hope and pray that we become a community of IPWS who are willing to learn from each other, who are excited to share what has worked for us and who are open to diveristy of opinions, view points and life-experinces. I share some interesting news items from around […]

Some more fun..

Ishan shares a funny moment… Pramendra and Amit do an interesting role play- sharing the funny problems of real life situations. BTW, TISA does not operate any airlines.. not yet! I wish I could have spent more time in one to one counselling sessions with everyone. I tried it with some participants. So, you are […]

On The Lighter Side

Humor is something that no one can have enough of.And if you are anything like me,a person with a good sense of humor would also attract you a lot.No one likes to talk to a person who gets upset at the slightest thing.I personally cant be good friends with a person who is serious all […]

Just Heard..

That an association of “normal” people is livid and is planning to slam TISA with a law-suit: “This upstart of TISA is violating our inalienable human right to laugh at stammerers and mute people! What do they mean? If we cant laugh at stammerers, mute, blind, deaf people, what is left to laugh at??” A […]