Update :CommWS 17-19 July (Fri-Sun) at Herbertpur, Dehradun

List of participants, who Joined Herberpur workshop, During 2012 to July 2015 (click) TISA announces next 3 day Comm WS, on 17-19 July (Fri-Sun) at Herbertpur, Dehradun. Hotel stay: You are free to stay anywhere. But Hotel Kailash and Hotel Vaibhav are close by (saves commuting time). Both are offering a room to accomodate 3, for Rs 400. Phone: […]

What If..

When a client fails to benefit from a therapy, what happens then? Often the therapist and the client tend to blame each other. But there is another position: what if the “condition” has been totally misunderstood? And in the case of stammering, what if, stammering has many sub-types: one responding to fluency shaping techniques and […]

Some more fun..

Ishan shares a funny moment… Pramendra and Amit do an interesting role play- sharing the funny problems of real life situations. BTW, TISA does not operate any airlines.. not yet! I wish I could have spent more time in one to one counselling sessions with everyone. I tried it with some participants. So, you are […]

Acceptance vs.Speech Therapy

Just came back from the first National Conference on Stuttering in India,it has been nothing less than an enlightening experience from me,it wasnt just about stammering,it was about meeting people from all across the country having nothing in common but they way they speak.More about that later though (I will be posting about the conference […]