Feedback from SHGs

We did a rapid consultation with four SHGs. We spoke both to participants and the organizers. We are sharing the gist of the findings here, so that we as a self-help community can give our best in 2014 and beyond. Item 1-4 are from SHG coordinators and item 5 is based on feedback from SHG […]

पहल करते करते “पहलवान” बनें.. (Initiative and Change!)

Friends- having been through many Personal change programs over last 55 years (some successful, some not so successful), I thought, may be I am entitled to have my two words on this “trending” subject! I think there are three important things: 1. A written detailed plan- clear cut steps with time lines. But before this […]

What If..

When a client fails to benefit from a therapy, what happens then? Often the therapist and the client tend to blame each other. But there is another position: what if the “condition” has been totally misunderstood? And in the case of stammering, what if, stammering has many sub-types: one responding to fluency shaping techniques and […]


Many years ago, when I was working in remote regions of Garhwal, I came across the phenomena of “Bengali doctor”. They were looked down upon by doctors like me, and district health officials were always busy catching them and penalising them for illegal medical practice. But years have passed and nothing has changed. You still […]

Please help

Please help by keeping this blog well organised; You can do particularly these: 1. Use a “Read more” tag after first few lines (make them catchy), if your post is long. So that many more posts can be seen without scrolling down.(like this) 2. Please read your post couple of times to check for spellings […]