Living with stammering..

Friends here is a true story.. Very inspiring.. Please listen to the whole interview.. It is full of deep insights! I also happen to see this item: How NSA is helping children and their parents in innovative ways.. Lots to learn!

Positive and Inspiring!

Friends, here is a beautiful true account of a police officer overcoming stammering in USA. Some of the lessons, I learned at once in this inspiring story are: 1. Ken drew his inspiration through physical fitness. Reaching a high level of fitness, boosted his self-esteem and inspired him in his “speech area” as well… 2. […]

Delhi SHG Report of 12th May at Central Park Rajiv Chowk

Hello everyone, 🙂 here is the report..  Again it was a nice SHG Meeting this Sunday at our as-usual and divine place.. Central park, Rajiv Chowk We were 9 people gathered at the meeting… Sikander sir, Sandeep sir, Mayank, Ravi, Sumit, Anita, Md. Tahir, Praveen(new comer) and me(Vishal)  [ “The day is what you make […]

A long journey

Recovery from stuttering mindset is a long – long journey. Why this is so? Why cant 10 sessions with a therpaist or a two week course help? Because underlying beliefs and values take a lot of time to change. For example, you may read somewhere: “Stammering is cool”. You may intellectually understand it but it […]

Want to quit? wait a minute..

“..Why I stammer,why i become a stammerer amongst all my cousins and friends– this thought is coming continuously to me? What is the process of desensitization? how can I remove the thought for the time being that I am a stammerer which is constantly hovering around me. I just want to be out of this […]

Dont Back Out After You Corner Your Stammer

The one thing that I have observed about myself as a person who stammers is that whenever I have tried to make changes in my life and attitude about my stammering,my stammer has always increased manifold.It increases to such an altitude that I start to block even in comfortable situations and with relatively easy words. […]