Delhi SHG Report of 12th May at Central Park Rajiv Chowk

Hello everyone, 🙂 here is the report..

 Again it was a nice SHG Meeting this Sunday at our as-usual and divine place.. Central park, Rajiv Chowk We were 9 people gathered at the meeting… Sikander sir, Sandeep sir, Mayank, Ravi, Sumit, Anita, Md. Tahir, Praveen(new comer) and me(Vishal)

 [ “The day is what you make it! So why not make it a great one ? ” ~ Steve Schulte” ]

We all met at 10 am, and the host was Sumit Vashist as we have decided everytime host will change cyclycly so that everyone will have a chance to host the meeting but frank speaking.Sumit was fabulous in his host.

According to Sumit’s Agenda.. or with Sikander sir… we started a meeting with lots of new things.

Our task is following ::

1. Welcoming All PWS
2. Discuss Ground Rules.
3. Meditation for 5 minutes with a beautiful song.
4. Introduction Round.
5. Speech by Sikander sir.. towards spirituality and life-Skills
6. Presentation Round. with random Topic with a standing Mode.
7. Volountry Stuttering
8. Role Play Task.
9. Tell to every one that “you are also PWS like me and his one quality”.
10. Feed Back, or sugesstion round and planning round for next SHG.

Sumit explained about ground Rules.. which we followed willingly those were Slow rate of speech, Bouncing, pausing, breathing.
after we all finished our introduction round. then we did meditation for 5 minutes.. and after that every one gave their brief introduction but sudden we saw new comer his name is Praveen, he is working in software company the good thing is Md. Tahir introduced him in Tisa and the story behind how he met with him it was really nice.. i will explain u further but friend its really nice.. that everyone in Tisa Family spreading the awareness about this association or helping other PWS.

After that We all gave our presentation on random topic.
1. Sumit gave the presentation on the topic “what is the difference between read motivational thing or implement in life/how skype helping stutterers.

2. Sandeep sir gave the presentation on the topic “Attitude

3. Anita gave the presentation on the topic “Anger

4. Sikander sir gave the presentation on the topic “Junk Food

5. Ravi gave the presentation on  the topic  “how should be the relationship of India-Pakistan

6. Praveen gave the presentation on the topic “IPL Cricket Match

7. Mayur gave the presentation on the topic “Time

8. Tahir gave the presentation on the topic  “what he did in last two months

9. Me(vishal) gave the presentation on the topic “Yatra(Travelling)

then we did a ROle Play Task.. and i was happy because some of crowd in the park were seeing our Role play game
and they also were enjoying our role play.. so it was like dam effective.

For role play task we had divided in pair.

1st pair was Sandeep and Mayur (Mayur played a role of salesman and Sandeep played a role of female women)
2nd pair was Me(vishal) and Tahir (Tahir was a road police officer and i(vishal) was the driver)
3rd pair was Ravi and Praveen(Ravi was a Minister and praveen was a common people)

4th pair was Anita and Sumit(Anita is a girl who was travelling in metro train and Sumit was a boy who were fighting with her because he was making un-comfort environment in that coach.)

The beautiful task was 9th one

In which everyone told.. to each stammerer that ” yaar tu bhi haklaata hai par tere me ye quality hai” it’s like very cute task.. even the crowd of park were also seeing us…

ek baat to hai ki ye task humesha hona chahiye… itne quality sunne ke baad.. “Dil garden garden ho gaya bhawra bagiyan me kho gaya”

After that.. at last.. we gave a feed back to mr. Sumit and also we discussed about our next SHG.. how we can implement new task.. and to make SHG more effective and for kind information to all SHG memeber next meeting will be hosted by Md Tahir.

Thank you Everyone..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂 

Post Author: Vishal Gupta

5 thoughts on “Delhi SHG Report of 12th May at Central Park Rajiv Chowk


    (May 13, 2013 - 2:12 pm)

    Excellent report vishal Bhai. Really a beautiful and informative report. Sumit coordinated the meeting very professionally and explained all the ground rules in a very simple manner which helps us to revise those rules again. One thing, I have experienced in Delhi SHG that it does not create fans or followers, it just creates leaders and there are now so many leaders in Delhi SHG. As Vishal displayed in the notice of last meeting, members holding hands and cooperating with each others. That is a power of cooperation which is being used in Delhi. It feels great to see such a beautiful smile on our friends's face with the satisfaction that " I am not alone".

    Vishal Bhai, I do not give speech on Spirituality and life skill as I have not reached that level. Yes, I just share the knowledge which I am learning being associated with that organization. While sharing, I am just revising that knowledge so that I get motivation to implement it.

    I missed the role playing task. I am sure, you guys and public as well enjoyed the acting a lot.


    (May 13, 2013 - 5:08 pm)

    Congratulations everyone! I think, you are doing so well because- you are planning, you are rotating the role of facilitator, you are forcing everyone to talk on prepared topics- and above all you have the support of very thoughtful seniors like Mr Sikander..
    Next time, you can invite one or two onlookers to join you- and ask questions..let this India-Pakistan (pws/non-pws) meet freely..
    Congrats everyone once again- especially Anita!

    Vishal Gupta

    (May 13, 2013 - 5:35 pm)

    sikander sir… actually ur small words is like big words for us.. its like.. life skill.. that's y i wrote… :):) and we were also missing u sikander sir…even har ek ne aapko yaad kiya…

    Vishal Gupta

    (May 13, 2013 - 5:38 pm)

    thank you sachin sir…


    (May 14, 2013 - 5:27 am)

    WOW! So many speeches on so many topics. Really wonderful. A good write up by Vishal. While reading, I felt as if I was also attending the meeting. Such a good narration. As Sikander told, Delhi SHG is now created a lot of leaders to conduct SHG meetings. I wish Chennai chapter also to copy the same. Now a days PWS are not only improving their speech but also improving their writing skill as well and thanks to TISA.

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