Intelligence And Wisdom

 Watching a movie yesterday,I stumbled upon a great explanation of intelligence vs. wisdom.. What I have seen in the stuttering community that all of us (including me) are intelligent-I mean really really intelligent when it comes to stammering.In blogs and stuttering groups and even in SHG’s each and every one of us has all the […]

Want to quit? wait a minute..

“..Why I stammer,why i become a stammerer amongst all my cousins and friends– this thought is coming continuously to me? What is the process of desensitization? how can I remove the thought for the time being that I am a stammerer which is constantly hovering around me. I just want to be out of this […]

John & Lisa………a different love story

Don’t be afraid of the title……….it is not going to be like Ramgopal verma’s “Not a love story” 🙂 We all Have encountered with few romantic stints with beautiful girls ; the list may be long for senior experienced guys like Dr.Sachin,Mr.Jasbir & Mr.Manimaran. Few days back, in process of improving my writing & expressing […]

Table topics

Once Ramakrishna Paramhamsa asked young Narendra: what is your ambition? What do you want to achieve in life? Narendranath replied: I want to get established in Samadhi for days altogether; Surfacing once in 3-4 days, just to eat a little and then be lost again in the bliss of samadhi!” To his great surprise, his […]