Be the change…

Dear Friends Change is the only constant! And often it works as a tonic! It forces us to stop and ask, what are our priorities and which way are we heading? We had some quick restructuring recently. The core group has been reconstituted and it consists of four old timers: JP, Harish, Virendra and sachin […]

Golkonda to Guangzhou!

p { margin-bottom: 0.25cm; line-height: 120%; }a:link { } Golkonda to Guangzhou! And back: Journey of a seeker.. Dhruv Gupta was born in Hyderabad yet left India at the ripe age of 10 months! He lived his early years in Bangkok, Manila, Hong Kong. It was in Hong Kong in grade 3 where he first […]

Core group expansion

TISA is happy to share that Amit Kushwaha, Virendra Shirse and Dhruv Gupta have agreed to join the core group. We welcome them and congratulate them for the initiatives they have taken and the good work they have been doing. We hope that we will have their inputs and counsel for a long long time […]

Table topics

Once Ramakrishna Paramhamsa asked young Narendra: what is your ambition? What do you want to achieve in life? Narendranath replied: I want to get established in Samadhi for days altogether; Surfacing once in 3-4 days, just to eat a little and then be lost again in the bliss of samadhi!” To his great surprise, his […]

Spirit moves on..

It is with some sadness, we reproduce this communication from Jim CAROOPEN, Mauritius; I hope we will learn something from this and brace ourselves for the marathon, so that the spirit of Friends 4 Fluency carries on in Asia: Mauritius: Friends 4 Fluency announces its winding up Dear friends, I am writing to inform you […]

Meeting Keith in Delhi

I met Keith in Delhi today. We went to Akshardham temple. We talked about a variety of things- stammering ofcourse-but not limited to it. Then, we had lunch at Wimpy in CP. Deepak Sanothra joined us. We talked and talked. Keith is very good at providing alternative readings of the given situation. Lateral thinking skills. […]

TISA SHGs- Guiding principles

Dear AllHere are a few guiding principles for TISA Self help groups1. TISA SHG is for help ourselves and each other. We do not promoteany particular therapy, therapist, devices, treatment, courses or anyother commercial interest or initiative.2. We promote acceptance, understanding and practical help for PWS,because it is well established that there is no “cure” […]