Delhi SHG Meeting – Naya Savera…….

I have attended the SHG meeting on Sunday the 20th Oct 2013 at Central Park, Connaught Place.   This was my first ever meeting ever since I first came to know about it in National Conference at Indian Social Institute in Delhi. Today a total of nine PWS attended the meeting.  The meeting started with […]

इंसान के लिए कोई सीमा नहीं होती

 एक साधारण प्रयोग करे| कुछ मक्खियाँ को ले और उन्हें जार में बंद कर दे| कुछ समय बाद जार से ढक्कन हटाये| आप पाएंगे की एक दो को छोडकर बाकि सब मक्खियाँ जार की दीवार से चिपकी बैठी है| उनका शरीर और दिमाग मान चूका है की वे कैद में है और वह से नहीं […]

Great urge to speak fluent

These days something uneasy I am feeling, seems I relapsing to stammering again. As relapsing is very common in stammering. When I came back from SHG meeting or workshop, I feel very confident and get used to the basic techniques which make our stammering easy. I do bouncing, I stutter without struggle and seems like […]

Come to SHIMLA

From my own personal experience, meeting other people who stammer, travelling with them, hanging out with them on a very frequent basis is what has healed me and helped me to become a better person. It was these times which slowly brought a sense of peace and which gave me enough belief in my own […]

Black and White

23rd Oct. Comm WS, Delhi. Theory at ISI. Practicals at Palika Bazar. Eve of Deepawali. Heaven of Bargainers and quick deals. Abhishek and myself were also their for a quick bounce. Yes, we were checking out if we could practice acceptance in real life, say that we stammer and introduce ourselves with bouncing technique. All […]


hi guys. since i came back after attending chandigarh’s communication workshop,i feel a deep change in my attitude towards this speech impediment..u know now its gud to stutter voluntarily..i observed when we stutter in this way in fact we r getting more relaxed while enunciating words…earlier it was tough to bounce on words but once […]