Bangalore stammering SHG – What was ailing it initially and how is it now?

Initial meetings The first meeting of Bangalore stammering SHG happened on 13-Sep-2009 and it went on till 11-Apr-2010 with at least a few participants. After this there was a meeting in which nobody turned, up other than me, and then there were no meetings for a long time. After a few months Karthk took the […]

Delhi SHG Meeting – Naya Savera…….

I have attended the SHG meeting on Sunday the 20th Oct 2013 at Central Park, Connaught Place.   This was my first ever meeting ever since I first came to know about it in National Conference at Indian Social Institute in Delhi. Today a total of nine PWS attended the meeting.  The meeting started with […]

आनलाइन स्वयं सहायता समूह की बैठक 30 जून 2013 को सुबह 9.00 बजे

टीसा के आनलाइन स्वयं सहायता समूह की बैठक आगामी रविवार, 30 जून, 2013 को सुबह 9.00 बजे से स्काइप पर होगी। आप सब सादर आमंत्रित हैं। Skpye ID : amit.singh61982– अमितसिंह कुशवाह मो. 09300939758

Please help to list down Activities for SHGs so that all can be benefited.

Together We Step Up Together We Succeed ! Members here will have many ideas so please share different activities which you have in mind so that we all can enjoy the benefits of implementing those in SHGs either in live or in online. Lets share our ideas and make the activities list grow in number.I […]