A walk in the tea garden..

I have not been very regular in writing about our SHG meetings here at Herbertpur. But it is happening. Last Sunday, V came, with his father.  As they came, father shared with me his worries about the youngster. In fact, it was more like a rant and I could feel V’s discomfort. Later, when we […]

Herbertpur update.

Sumit and Atul came. We picked up the newspaper – read some news items and then presented the information as a synopsis, followed by rapid questions. I recorded and replayed it for them. Today’s meeting was more one on one and both Sumit and Atul were opening up- sharing their thoughts, fears and doubts. A […]

Face to Face!

Yesterday, we drove to Dehradun: Vaibhav, Sushil, Ashish, Sumit and self*. We met two Canadian students at Samagra and the staff there- Tika Ram, Mohit and Negi ji. We shared some videos (Peter Reitzes, Julia Irani) and there after we had an open Q&A session. Victor and Chetna, from MacMaster University, Ontario, asked many questions […]

Story Telling

How many of you have been told stories as children? How many children get to hear it today? When I was a child my sister, my parents and some friends use to tell me stories. I did not get to “watch” Ramayan- but was told the story by my father, over many exciting evenings. But […]

Reality check

Sunday, 13 Nov 2011. Pawan, Vineet and Susheel were there today. After usual gupshup and practice, Susheel confided that he was having a horrible time saying the home destination while returning by bus. I had been planning a bus trip with him for sometime. I knew, it had to be today. So after the, meeting […]

Lets educate..

SHG meet in Herbertpur 9th Oct 2011 Two guests were there today in the group to learn about stammering and its effects on education. Mukarram, Vineet, Aman, Susheel, Pawan, Surinder, Nishant helped them in a broad discussion. Abhishek is a teacher who is working with Sachin, in one of the local schools – Baba Bhuman […]


DCA students tackle an anagram R A S E L I E What is that? you ask quiet surprised. Keep guessing. This is an example of anagrams. I use them as ice breakers with young people. It keeps your brain alive and trim. In main stream education and occupations, there is great emphasis on linear […]

Stuttering Arena

The other day Anupinder and Rajesh were here. I decided to put them in the ARENA- Roman style! Six young women and three young men- and three stammerers in the PIT! I prefaced the session, by saying: Ok students, we are going to have very good teacher taught ratio for next 2.5 hours: three teachers […]

Lalit is here..

Lalit presenting challenges of On-line Rail Booking system Lalit is here; considering that he is an IT professional, I decided to use his knowledge to broaden the horizon of my students, who have been limited to just an off-line program like Coral and Pagemaker so far. This group of students knows well about my work […]

Boom Out..

Jayprakash was a new addition to the group; others were Dr Kshitiz, Raju, Rajesh, Nishant, Nishu and sachin. Jayprakash has tried his hands at teaching- Gave it up a few months back because he felt that first he must get a control over his stammering. He has been rejected summarily from Army recruitment in the […]

Husband died the first night..

Just returned form three days of Walkathon in the mountains, north of Chakrata. Sumit, 15 yrs, came to SHG meeting, with his father, after a long gap. Nishu, Vineet and Parmanand were also there. Intros, news paper items for verbal presentation, some unstructured discussion, quick reveiw of bouncing and prolongation etc.- and then, I tossed: […]


Nishant and Vineet came today. Hats off to commitment of these two young men- their commitment to themselves! First we had some voice modulation exercises, with finger tips on our throat to appreciate the fine movement and vibration as the pitch or volume changes. I discussed the role of bringing consciousness down to our throat […]

Herbertpur meets

Like every Sunday, this time too 6-7 people were there. Muqarram, Vaibhav, Mr Baburam, Ajai, Nishu and myself. Since Vaibhav, a class 8 student was with us- we kept the pace and level of difficulty low. Gradually, we were talking of more complex things (two things bad about your brother..), standing up, at some distance […]

Herbertpur group meets

We met again in Anugrah, this Sunday (May 30, 2011). There were four children, who did not stammer, but came- just because they found TISA meeting fun and also, I guess, in solidarity with one child who stammered. Fortunately JP was here, so it was possible to divide in two groups- and take the kids […]

Herbertpur SHG meeting

Many kids and adults were there today. Vaibhav, Arpit, Amit, Jassi, Mannu and Gurpreet; Their parents and rest of the gang- Pawan, Jagdish, Nishant, Mukarram, Vineet, Aman…and yes, Dr Kshitiz.At one point we had to divide in 2 groups and fortunately Pawan was there to help with one group, while I dealt with kids. I […]

Day 1 CommWS HBT

Day 1: excitement, last minute phone calls, somebody just landed in Idyllic Herbertpur and knows not where to go etc. etc.. Finally we all were in the conference room by 9.40 am. About eleven people. There were four family members too who participated- asked questions and began to see their role in the recovery of […]

Herbertpur Workshop 2-9 May

At the initiative of a group from Gwalior (thanks to Rajendra Sharma), TISA is organising a Communication workshop in Herbertpur (near Dehradun) from 2nd May. It will be five days (2-6 May) but some Gwalior participants will be staying on till 9th May. They may plan to attend a one day workshop in Chandigarh, if […]