Scholarships for NC

Dear coordinators and members, TISA has some spare funds from our coomunication workshops in Pune, Chandigarh and Delhi, which we intend to use to pay the registration fees for students and unemployed individuals. Also we have subsidized accommodation @ Rs 100 per day per person for around 8 – 10 people. Please pass on this […]

Stammering- Is there a complete Cure?

Paper from Sanjib Talukdar for National Conference When I recollect my childhood, it brings a sense of happiness and I often become nostalgic yearning for the carefree life I enjoyed with my parents, relatives, neighbours, friends and most importantly my cousins. But then it was during my childhood, a demon in disguise called ‘SSStammering’ slowly […]

NC Update

My tickets are booked for National conference at Bhubaneshwar..(considerable saving if you do it in advance!). Medica Synergie, a Health care company, has agreed to send some of their SLPs to participate. Medica Synergie very kindly hosted our Kolkata workshop in 2010. What about you- Are you getting ready? Register early at this link to […]

NC Dates finalised….

Okay, friends- please bear with us. The final dates are: 28-31 Dec. 2011 and 1st Jan 2012 (5 days). Venue will be IHS( ) at Bhubaneshwar Most people will get these days off, without much trouble, while for other slots, they will have to apply for leave, which may or may not get granted. […]

Families at Conference

Dear all, I intend to come to the conference with my family members(mom, dad, brother and two cousin sisters 🙂 I just wanna know from you whether anyone of you also plan to do the same ? Actually from my interaction with a lot of parents, I have learned that parents and our family members […]