Delhi Group Meeting


This Saturday, the group meeting took place at 2:00 PM at our usual place – the Central Park, Connaught Place, New Delhi.

We had 10 attendees this time – Myself, Sikandar, Tarun, Kshitiz, Shivam, Sudhanshu, Deepak, Kishore, Pulkit and Vishal.

We did the usual bit of introducing each other and sharing our experiences. Vishal is an almost fully recovered stutterer, and remarkably he has worked himself to overcome it. He surely is an inspiration for me.

In this group, 5 people have attended Mr. Adlakha’s therapy and also have been a part of his group therapy sessions. Since these people have already attended group therapy and have been trained to practice talking in group as much as possible, they hogged most of the talking time and others get very little time to speak 😉 Though they themselves and their apprehensions were equally party to this.

To avoid such situations, we have decided that from next meeting onwards, we will keep pre-defined time-slots for everybody, thus everybody will get a chance to speak.

The other problem we are going to face will be summers, afternoon time will not be feasible in summers, so we might have to shift this meeting to either Saturday evening or Sunday morning. There is no consensus on it yet, let’s see how it goes.

In next meeting, I am planning to share Mani sir’s lessons with the group. Mani sir, can we call you from the group, to hear your valuable suggessions?

Sachin sir, when are you going to grace our meetings?


Nitin (on behalf of Delhi TISA chapter)

Post Author: Harish Usgaonker

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    (March 29, 2009 - 4:12 am)

    Thanks, Nitin- for helping me by posting your report promptly and directly. Nice piece of writing. Yes, it is important that the coordinator (you) implement alotted time to speakers professionally and rigorously. You could even use an office call bell! When it rings second time, the person just stops. End of chapter, end of verse! Nothing more. If we are not disciplined, we can not go far..

    As to gracing your meeting? I surely will attend it some day- but gracing and all that? No, No, I am still too young for that kind of stuff :-)) sachin

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