Delhi 21st Feb Meet Report


This Saturday the Delhi Group met at it’s usual location – Central Park, Connaught Place, at the usual time – 2:00 PM. The first thought I had in my mind was that we will have to find another place for our meetings soon. Summer has already set-in and it was uncomfortably hot. Very soon it’ll become unbearable, we gotta find another place and gotta find it fast.

Meeting started with three participants – yours truly, Dr. Kshitij and Dr. Tarun. I’ve already introduced Kshitij to you, Tarun is pursuing his MBBS from AIIMS and is preparing for PG. We introduced each other and discussed Manimaran’s mail on slowing-down. Tarun was very impressed with it and convinced me to follow it 🙂

Tarun had some important work and left early. Then I received a call from Jyoti’s mother, Jyoti was also coming with her and Mausi. They reached central park by 3:15, and we had a surprise – Sikandar also dropped in. So now we had 6 people – 4 stutterers and 2 non-stutters (notice, I didn’t say normal ;-).

We began our usual trick of introducing ourselves, discussing various practices/therapies we’ve had etc. Jyoti’s mausi showed a keen interest and participated actively in the conversation. The meeting went quite long, till 5:15 PM.

I reached home at 6:30 PM and wifey scolded me. Guys, you owe me a treat 😉



Post Author: Harish Usgaonker

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    (February 23, 2009 - 4:25 pm)

    Great! May be gradually we should introduce our family members too, to our shenanigans.. by inviting them sometime. As to a venue, you could have it even in member’s homes by rotation- that is, if it is convenient for everyone.. J knows one NGO, who might give you a meeting place, if approached..

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