Delhi takes off!

After dilly-dallying for long, the Delhi team finally decided to meet
on 24th January. We started with a pool of about 15 people. I talked
to each one of the group, asking them to come to the team; but this
being a long week-end many people were traveling out of Delhi and in
the end we had three confirmations for the meeting.

On 4th, I met Dr. K and A in the Central Park, Connaught
Place. We began the meeting by introducing each other; but since for
stutterers that in itself is a big task, we took quite long in that
🙂 K works in Lady Harding Medical College and it turned out
we have a few common friends.

Afterwards we shared with other, the various therapies we have
practiced, it’s effects on us, our experiences etc. The conclusion we
agreed upon was that we all are almost fluent when we are practicing
our brands of speech therapy, the real challenge lies in bringing that
technique in real life conversations. And here we thought, a self-help
group can help a lot. We can meet each other and talk using our
techniques without the other person thinking of us as freaks.

We have decided to meet every Saturday for the beginning and bringing
more members in, so that we can organize more locally centered groups.
I will update about the next meeting, next Sunday.



Post Author: Sachin