Delhi SHG fund raising

It was a great SHG on Sunday (7th Feb 2010). Aakash, Anuj, Arun, Sikander, Zoraver, Kishore and myself had come for the meeting. 1st of all, I would really like to thanks and appreciate the efforts of Kishore for booking the Conference hall & accomodation for Keith. He, all by himself did all the arrangements and coordinated with everyone. Thanks Kishore. The we had a nice meeting. I wanted to make a point that by hiding & fearing our stammering how lazy & procrastinated we had become. We had forgotten our real motives………to be healthy, successful and free. Also, we have got few donations from our friends. The list is as follows:
Kishore Rs 4412 + Rs 1000 refund security
Zoraver Rs 1000
Anuj Rs 1500
Sikander Rs 2000
I believe Nitin has also received some donations. (Ed. Nitin will soon be putting it up on donation page on
All in all, we all are making progress. And by God’s grace, we all will go places and then stammering wont be that important to us.

Deepak Sanothra

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    (February 9, 2010 - 5:00 am)

    Hi Friends!

    As an educator of young children I would like to know:-
    a) Can stammering/stuttering be completly gotten over (cured)?

    b) How is it possible to take corrective action for a child who has not yet developed his 'iceberg' without giving him reason to suspect that he is 'different'?

    Thanks & regards,
    Kiran Malaviya


    (February 9, 2010 - 5:41 am)

    Thanks Kiran. Here are brief answers:
    a) Complete cure is possible in childhood, with support from family, teachers and other children.. A stammering which has persisted (even if hidden) into late adolescence (16+ or so) is quite unlikely to be cured totally. But there is hope- adults and adolescents can learn to manage it almost 99%.

    b) Just dont react to his "disfluencies"- slow your speech down- Ensure that mocking and teasing does not take place in school or class room..

    As to child becoming self-conscious: children are very observant and sensitive- (we may not realise this)- a child who stammers, is aware of the difference in speech quite early. This is Okay and cant be helped. Problem is when family, sibling, teachers treat child differently because of his disfluency. Ex. My teacher as a 'favor' to me, would never ask me to read in class, like other children. This hurt.
    Feel free to get back at 09412058272 (sachin)
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