Delhi Group meets- 2nd May 2010

We people gathered at akshardham temple in the morning and kicked off our first meeting with the new guidelines. First, we had an introductory session in which everyone just had to say their names. Later, we had a small exercise of asking the names of each other, so that everyone got to know each other. Then, Anup read-out the TISA rules/guidelines which are published in the guidelines document. In the next session nitin staged a mock interview which was later reviewed by others, everybody gave their important feedback/suggestions for tackling interviews with a calm state of mind and without loosing the slow rate of speech. It was found to be really helpful for the person as interviewer or interviewee both. Then we had a game of impromptu presentation, there was a small bag with topics written on chits, everybody then picked a chit and spoke on the topic for around 2 minutes. Sikandar, Ranjit, Nitin & Anup then shared their views on the positive qualities of others who played impromptu presentation. Then we discussed on the importance of slow speech, everybody almost agreed that 80-90% of the problem can be solved by adopting the slow speech techinques but it is really difficult to do such practically. So, each of us took the assignment of slow speaking till the next TISA meeting, in which we will monitor it on the daily basis. With this assignment in hand we ended the meeting and decided that we should meet regularly and periodically. It was tentatively planned that the subsequent meetings would be held on 2nd and 4th sunday’s of the month.

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    (May 24, 2010 - 9:54 am)

    Nice to read a post from Delhi SHG after a long time. It seems like you guys had a very fruitfull meet.

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