स्टेमर करने वालो कि आम समस्या

हम जब भी किसी से बात करने कि कोशिस करते है, तो हमें बड़ा डर लगता है, लोगो के सामने जाते ही दिमाग बंद हो जाता है या दिमाग में ढेर सारे अनावश्यक विचार आने लगते है, और जुबान अटक जाती है| इसमें कई सारी फिजिकल और सायक्लोजिकल समस्याओ से मिलकर हम स्टेमर करते है, […]

Front of the Class: Part 2

Those who have seen the movie- Front of the Class, will immediately understand and empathise, with this child who is campaigning against bullying. He is suffering from Tourrete’s syndrome. See the small video and then do visit his website and click on “How can you help”.. Start your day on a different note today, everyday..ever. […]

Why only I

Generally every stammer thinks that why only he is chosen for this non-cured neurological disorder. God can give me any other disease that others can understand and at least I can tell them what I need. I think the answer is “god knows only we people are capable to bear it”. It means that we […]

Friendly workplace

Parmanand is a member of Herbertpur SHG. He is very hardworking and he financed his college education by doing sundry jobs. He joined Samagra sometime in 2008. He joined a local hospital as an Accountant in 2010. He is doing M.Com and hopes to do MBA someday. Recently, I saw that he has put two […]

Learning to talk again..

Hi Everyone,PWS has really grown from what I can see and read. TISA also has made an entrance. I joined PWS on yahoo group as an eighteen year old. I am M- B-, 25 years old from M—. I am working as a content writer in a content writing firm in M-. A lot has […]