Communication Workshop Report by Delhi SHG

If you missed Delhi SHG Communication Workshop, Don’t Worry, You can get almost 60% of the workshop just by reading this report. You would have never read a meeting report like this one 🙂  General Information The Communication Workshop organized by Delhi SHG took place on April 2 and 3, 2016. The workshop was attended […]

Jaipur SHG meets at central park

A meeting was conducted of Jaipur SHG on Sunday 5 January. Five members managed to attend the meeting and it was a good percentage as there are only 7 PWS who know about the SHG in Jaipur . The meeting started with introduction , where Ravikant , Ravi , Pramendra , Chandan and Siddharth introduced […]

Minutes of the meeting – Seven Islands SHG

Venue: Five Gardens, Wadala Time: 6 May, 2012 from 3.00 to 6.00 PM Attendees: Shyam, Amey, Ravindra, Laukik, Gaurav, Gulshan (New member) and Benett Regrets: Ritesh, Romi, Mustafa Activities and Discussions: 1. We started off the meeting with Breathing exercises. We focused on the based principles of breathing as taught in Brahmavidya. Next we performed […]

Bangalore SHG Meeting report – 25th March 2012

Hi All, This time the meeting started bit late at 10.30 AM as we were expecting some more participants, strength was less as 5 of them were attending communication workshop in Chennai. Also we were expecting 2 more new joinees but they were not able to make it. We started off with slow reading practice and […]

A New Dawn in SHG Bangalore: 26th Feb

Yup..It did happened after a lot of email exchanges and many phone calls. Thks to Dinesh for organizing it. Place: Paradygmlaw Coaching Center 2nd Floor, 322/ 2 Hosur Main Road, Above RNS JCB/ Hedege Securites Adjacent to Wipro Parking Bay, Madiwala [Landmark – On the same side as the Wipro office, there is a left lane just before […]

Ahmedabad SHG Report

Vijay, Pinakin, Jagdeep and myself (Abhijeet) met near Gota circle at Vodafone tower on Sunday for second meet of Ahmedabad SHG. Vijay and Jagdeep were coming for first time. We started with our introduction and shared many experiences about stammering. Actually Vijay came with idea of watching movie “THE KINGS SPEECH”. He also brought all […]


Ishan, Dhruv, Varun and myself ( JP ) met at sector 33 park yesterday for the 11th meet of Chandigarh SHG! Ishan and myself were the first ones to reach the venue and since we had sometime before others joined, we started discussing a few things and i recorded Ishan’s video while he was talking […]

Next Ahmedabad Meet

Dear all, There will be two hour SHG meeting in Ahmedabad on this coming Sunday i.e.,on 20th Feb. If interested, please give me call on Saturday evening. With regards, Abhijeet (09687282262)

This week’s Chandigarh Meet

Hi all, Chandigarh SHG will again meet this Sunday ( Feb 20th 2011 ) at their regular meeting venue (Sector 33 park ) from 1.30 p.m. to 3.30 p.m. Agenda:1. Laughter session2 Meditation – 15 minutes3. Introduction to pausing.4. Introduction ( using a new activity )5. “Take your time” game.6. Can you draw it ? […]


Ishan, Jasbir ji and myself met at our regular meeting place (sector 33 park) on 6th Feb 2011. It was my chance to coordinate the meeting. We started with laughter session and a nice 15 minute meditation and then I introduced bouncing (in detail) to the group. We used it in our next activity where […]

Agenda for upcoming Chandigarh Meet – 6th Feb 2011

Hi All, Chandigarh Chapter of TISA will meet this Sunday (6th Jan 2011) in Sector 33 Park from 10 a.m. to 12 noon. Here is the Agenda for the meet : 1. Laughter session – 5 minutes2. Meditation – 10 minutes3. Introduction to Bouncing4. Introductions using Bouncing5. Table topics – 3 minutes per person.6. Face […]

Chandigarh SHG Meet – 30 Jan 2011

Dhruv, Mr Jasbir and myself met at Sector 33 park yesterday for our weekly meets after a long time! Jasbir ji requested me to share my experiences at Chennai workshop, which i did :)..We started with usual laughter session and this is something really good that I have learned from the SHG…I would recommend all […]

SHG Meeting with TOI Senior Reporter Sharmila

On every forth nightly Thursday we have SHG meeting in our office. But on last thursday we had meeting outside our office. Because Sharmila (Senior Reporter of Times of India) wanted to join us and outsiders are not allowed to enter into campus during working days. Sharmila is working for Sunday Times and also write […]

Pune SHG meet: 6th June,10

This week we had our weekly meeting at Dhole Patil Road, Pune. Now a days we set the agenda for the meeting and share with all some 2-3 days back of meeting. This helps us utilizing our time more effectively and productively. So according to our agenda we started with the meditation for 10 mins. […]

Report from Jammu SHG’s 2nd meeting…!!!

On 9th sep,2009 we had our second meeting and this one lasted for 2 hrs i.e. from 5 pm to 7 pm .In this meeting,we talked about some techniques like Per-Block,Post-Block & In-Block corrections.After that we had a ‘story telling’ session. We have already planned all this a day before(on 8th sep) when Aditya(the other […]

Report from Jammu SHG’s 1st meeting..!!!

His name is Aditya.He also stammerers.He went for a speech Therapy course at chandigarh in 2006 and was fluent for about 3 months after that therapy.But then that stammer came back again. I met him after I came back from Dehradun.I went to Dehradun for a 7 days intensive therapy programme at Samagra ashram.I was […]