Chandigarh Comm WS

Kisan Bhawan, Chandigarh Accounts Shared Brief Report: Main activities conducted were Stammering Interviews (first among participants, then with strangers) and Mutual videography while phoning. Most participants reported that Interviews with strangers (Rose garden and Sukhna lake) was more challenging and rewarding. But yes, discussions, feedback round and other indoor activities in an AC conference room, […]

Updated : Communication Workshop 16-17 July (Sat-Sun) at Chandigarh

Mann Ki ba-ba-baat…Dosto ke sath! List of participants,who participated in workshop-July2016 List of participants,who participated in workshops till 2012-16 REGISTRATION-FEE : Rs. 1000/- to be deposited in advance. This amount is used for common expenses i.e. Conference Hall booking, TISA material (CD, mannual,Lunch,Tea) . Costs for board-lodging and food will be born by the participant, which is around […]

Chandigarh SHG Meet Report 05/01/2014

Venue :: Rose Garden, Chandigarh Time :: 12:00 to 1:30 PM Participants :: Abhishek Jha, Anupinder Singh As Abhishek comes to first time in any SHG of TISA. So we start from scratch: what are problem you face, due to stammering? what kind of life, you will have in absence of stammering? Is stammering is […]

Chandigarh SHG 04-02-2012

Yesterday in city beautiful chandigarh we have self help group meet. following members come and join meet:     Dhruv kathuria     Sumeet Nagpal     Naveen Garg     Ravinder Singh     Anupinder Singh We start with introduction and use bouncing technique, then we play a game to say counting from one to hundred, but with lots […]

Final Details : Communication workshop at Chandigarh

So, FINALLY everything is set for the communication workshop at Chandigarh. Here are the Venue details – YMCA, SECTOR 11-C CHANDIGARH 160011 U.T INDIA Phones :-+91 172-2746732; 2745644. Rooms have been booked for the participants who have confirmed their participation. Here is the Agenda for three days : One clarification – Rs 1000 is […]


Ishan, Dhruv, Varun and myself ( JP ) met at sector 33 park yesterday for the 11th meet of Chandigarh SHG! Ishan and myself were the first ones to reach the venue and since we had sometime before others joined, we started discussing a few things and i recorded Ishan’s video while he was talking […]

This week’s Chandigarh Meet

Hi all, Chandigarh SHG will again meet this Sunday ( Feb 20th 2011 ) at their regular meeting venue (Sector 33 park ) from 1.30 p.m. to 3.30 p.m. Agenda:1. Laughter session2 Meditation – 15 minutes3. Introduction to pausing.4. Introduction ( using a new activity )5. “Take your time” game.6. Can you draw it ? […]

Toastmasters – Another side!!

Hi everyone, I attended Chandigarh toastmasters (TM) club meet yesterday as a guest. I was really impressed by some of the speakers and not so impressed by some of them! To my pleasant surprise I was chosen to speak on a table topic and I am so glad that it happened as it save me […]


Ishan, Jasbir ji and myself met at our regular meeting place (sector 33 park) on 6th Feb 2011. It was my chance to coordinate the meeting. We started with laughter session and a nice 15 minute meditation and then I introduced bouncing (in detail) to the group. We used it in our next activity where […]

Agenda for upcoming Chandigarh Meet – 6th Feb 2011

Hi All, Chandigarh Chapter of TISA will meet this Sunday (6th Jan 2011) in Sector 33 Park from 10 a.m. to 12 noon. Here is the Agenda for the meet : 1. Laughter session – 5 minutes2. Meditation – 10 minutes3. Introduction to Bouncing4. Introductions using Bouncing5. Table topics – 3 minutes per person.6. Face […]

Chandigarh SHG Meet – 30 Jan 2011

Dhruv, Mr Jasbir and myself met at Sector 33 park yesterday for our weekly meets after a long time! Jasbir ji requested me to share my experiences at Chennai workshop, which i did :)..We started with usual laughter session and this is something really good that I have learned from the SHG…I would recommend all […]


On 07.08.2010 I gave my second speech in Toastmaster club. My topic was corruption , its origin , key players in Indian society, reasons why our society encourages corruption and how we can jointly fight the parasite of corruption making India corruption free. My entire speech of 6.5 minutes went smoothly very well without any […]


On 23.07.2010 at 3.45 pm I broke the ice and delivered my first speech at Toastmasterclub Chandigarh. I am grateful to Dr. Sachin and Mr. Manohar from Pune for giving mestrength & courage to disclose before audience that I am a stutterer, which otherwise Iwould not have disclosed. I started with the following words:“ Hi, […]


Last Friday a PWS Mr. Rakesh (name changed on request), met me and discussed the problem in detail. He is 22 years old, an IT professional & having this problem since childhood. After discussion I realized that he is yet to accept this issue from heart. Because when I asked him whether I may put […]

My Thoughts

My Thoughts regarding stammering :Date :1st July,2010I have stammering problem from the childhood. Yesterday evening I met Mr. Jasbir Singh Sandhu (very senior officer in the central Govt. department) who was there to help others. I have come to know about Mr. Sandhu from the internet site . Mr. Jasbir Singh told me that […]