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Hi All,
I am Akshay Rawal. I live in Surat, Gujarat and I coördinate the self-help group here. I would love to share about the last self-help meeting which took place on Sunday, April 1, 2018.
In this meeting, five of us – Kudrat, Aveshesh, Satyam, Rohit and I gathered. In some time, Vipul also joined us. Vipul is one of the coordinators here. Although each one of us come from diverse professional fields, ranging from law, Charted Accountancy, business to engineering, whenever we get together, our confidence go up. We all feel very positive for those two hours of the meeting.
In the meeting, we do various activities including the daring act to speak loudly,

 ” Haklao Magar Pyaar Se (Stammer But With Love)

In addition, we share among ourselves everything which we are not able to share otherwise. All this is inspiring us to change. In fact, those of us who were reluctant to speak, are courageously practising public speaking now.


Journey to acceptance becomes more beautiful with friends


Further, not only we share what has worked for each one of us, but also take a note of the important takeaways.
In the end, all of us are moving our focus away from Stammering to the Goals of our lives.

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