Here’s how sharing about your stammering can help you overcome it……

Stammering is made up of negative experiences collected from our childhood, this acts up every time we speak, setting up a mechanism, to prevent us from speaking when we really want to, to protect us from all the shame that stammering has caused us, this conflict, perhaps is the predicament of a PWS.

So, how then is one to deal with it? perhaps by sharing it with others, do we share our insecurities, pains, fears, and failures with others?. For this, you may argue, like I used to, how can we share anything at all, what you may share is the word and not the feeling itself, how could you perhaps share the feeling with anyone, it’s just words after all.

I thought the same, but when I heard people share at shg and at TISA and when I tried to understand their pain, I felt somewhere, perhaps we can actually share feelings, though I can’t totally experience what they went through but moments of overlapping can happen.

   If there’s any kind of magic in this world, that could help a PWS, must be in the attempt of understanding someone, sharing something. I know it’s almost impossible to succeed, but who cares, really? The answer must be in the attempt. That’s why an SHG.

When you understand them you understand yourself. I felt some strange feeling while talking to a pws today, it may sound perhaps vague to those who haven’t experienced it, a feeling that “it doesn’t matter what I’m speaking, I can still share about my stammering”.

I may be talking about Astrophysics, but if I can truly be accepting of stammering every moment,then I am sharing my stammering, I felt “sharing is acceptance”, this can only be understood when one experiences this for themselves.

When you share something you accept it, therefore, the “single most important step for a PWS is to come and share about their stammering”, not just share empty words, but the real actual feeling behind it …is what Sachin sir(founder of TISA) too has discovered in his life.

Share about your stammering on blogs, videos, and with your close friends, and express all those negative feelings you have been holding up about your stammering.” After some time, the grip of those negative experiences fades off “, says Sachin sir.

When I first heard this idea, it sounded as silly and useless to me as it may sound to you now, after all, I said, I’ve shared everywhere, but that doesn’t take away any fear or stammering, I still stammer after all, what’s the point?. But today in 1 hr of this meeting, years of thought had to change after experiencing it for myself, this has got nothing to do with stammering, but it deals with the maker of stammering, that is “you”.

So to all the fellow stammers like me anywhere in the world, I want to say, “Everything you felt, I felt too. You didn’t have to shoulder all that pain and walk your path alone. The more you actually share, the more you accept, the less the conflict of stammering becomes, better you speak”


Post Author: Vinayak Shenoy

2 thoughts on “Here’s how sharing about your stammering can help you overcome it……


    (June 30, 2023 - 8:54 am)

    Profound thoughts, Vinayak! You were writing from a place deep within- a place much deeper than your stammering! It was Like a deeper inner communication: This final year student Vinayak was talking to Vinayak, the stillness, the sage, the explorer.. Such writing can easily be called meditative writing and everyone who reads it gets a whiff of peace and understanding..

      Vinayak Shenoy

      (July 5, 2023 - 12:46 am)

      Thank you, sir……Yes, stammering has taught me one thing, the way “out” of stammering is to go “in”.

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