Anil writes from Betul

आजमाले आजमाले आज खुद को आजमाले , फिरता है तू कबसे ये दिल सम्हाले||    बोल क्यों ये लब(होंठ) पर रुके है, तेरे सजदे में झुके है,पल पल बिखरे है कितने उजाले(प्रेरणा), क्या करू क्या सोचता है,चैन दिल का ढूंढता है, अपनी किस्मत को जगा ले, बीच का पर्दा(खुद और खुद के बीच में) उठाले, […]

On Acceptance, from Dr Sheehan

I found this very relevant passage, from Dr Sheehan, a pws and an authority on speech therapy for pws in USA: Acceptance of the problem belongs at the start of therapy, not at the finish. It is the role that the stutterer must accept, not the old stuttering pattern. That is what the stutterer entered […]

There is misery and there is a way out..

Friends, I was always quite fascinated by Buddha’s life and message. He talked about four noble (eternal) truths but remained silent on being questioned about “God”.. This silence has been interpreted differently. Most people think that he talked about misery and the way out of the misery since misery (dis-satisfactoriness of the world and its […]

Fear Changed To FEARED

There is a girl. She was excellent in her school life, was average in college and was just good in her engineering. Her performance and passion was decreasing day by day from school to engineering. The girl always thought that what is the reason behind this declination but she never got any conclusion. That girl […]

On Non-Acceptance

In Indian philosophy, there is a well known trick: Neti, Neti (Not this, Not this). Path of exclusion. When you have explained what Spirit is NOT, whatever is left is BOUND to be Spirit; When you have decided what all you DONT want to do on a particular evening- you are left with very clear […]

If You didn’t see a Miracle,You try to become One Miracle

Dear All, this post aims at people who are feeling shy, feeling low or confused to talk. Even though still I stutter but not anymore with shyness and in confusion. I am trying to accept that its my way of talking, Yes I stutter so WHAT !!! ———————————————————————————————————— Let me begin with a fact “Stammering can be dissolved from […]

The Vicious Pain-Body

All stutterers,whether moderate or severe have experienced a very over-powering feeling right before and after they stutter.Usually,the thoughts in your head before you stutter is like,”Should I speak or keep quiet ???””Man,I am gonna block on my name!!!””I wish I hadn’t come here and should have made some excuse !!!” The usual feelings accompanying these […]


I am Amol karale.I am a pws from pune. Actually I hails from ahemdnagar(city 120 km from pune).As my father was being serving in Indian army so he posted in pune.He is retried now. Currently we are planning to settle in pune . I am stammering since class 6th.Till class 5th or 6th starting I […]

Humor with stammering

Hello to all my stutter friends. Perhaps I am writing a post here after a little long time. I really enjoyed my first national conference which I attended with my friends. It was never forgettable experience for me. I enjoyed every moment which I spend there. Now stammering doesn’t seem like a problem for me […]

Acceptance vs.Speech Therapy

Just came back from the first National Conference on Stuttering in India,it has been nothing less than an enlightening experience from me,it wasnt just about stammering,it was about meeting people from all across the country having nothing in common but they way they speak.More about that later though (I will be posting about the conference […]

True stories..(from IPWS)

Hello Friends, I am back after 2 months. work pressure and exams kept me at bay. However there were 2 things that I did very different which I would want to share in these 2 months A] Accept oneself as a Stammerer This was one core concept I came to know just 2 months back […]

The Perfect Interview

Hello to all my busy stutter friends  :-). Today I want to share my experience of two days ago. Our college went to a campus placement in Chandigarh. Most of the students of my class did not prefer to go there because it was a tough competition and other colleges were also participating. Perhaps facing […]

A long journey

Recovery from stuttering mindset is a long – long journey. Why this is so? Why cant 10 sessions with a therpaist or a two week course help? Because underlying beliefs and values take a lot of time to change. For example, you may read somewhere: “Stammering is cool”. You may intellectually understand it but it […]

Can one day workshop help?

Stammering is a field rife with claims, counter-claims, guess, fMRI, genetic studies,  superstitions, old wives remedies etc. etc. You might see ads like “Cure stammering under nine minutes” and you will also find people supporting such initiatives! This makes a new entrant very skeptical, suspicious, doubtful and even cynical at times. What works? what does […]

Fair exchange?

Exchange is fair? Always? Perhaps not. For example look at this: “I give you 2 kilo Acceptance, you give me five meter fluency.” “I told about it in the interview.  I should get appointment letter now.” etc. etc. Sounds familiar. We all have done this kind of saudebazi consciously or very often, unconsciously- with everyone, […]

Measure ur Acceptance

Acceptance is the first step in recovery path and we all know its importance & benefits , we have learned many way to make our acceptance stronger like blogging,talking about stammering,not trying to hide it,bouncing etc etc and they really helps. I think acceptance has many characteristics like –Path of acceptance is not unidirectional,we can […]