We have a lot of talk about acceptance. Tisa says we have to work on acceptance first before adopting any stammering management technique. But most of the pws are always confuse how they can work on their acceptance. They think that talking on stammering with family and some close friends are enough to accept our […]

Want to quit? wait a minute..

“..Why I stammer,why i become a stammerer amongst all my cousins and friends– this thought is coming continuously to me? What is the process of desensitization? how can I remove the thought for the time being that I am a stammerer which is constantly hovering around me. I just want to be out of this […]

Dont watch this video..

Yes, dont watch this video and blame sachin afterwards. Dont even click. I of course had great fun watching it, found Nina full of courage and common sense.. Wow, what a spirit! But dont watch it, if you have a weak liver, spleen or kidney.. And if you do click, do it at your […]

On the rock of Acceptance..

A young IPWS, who on my suggestion, attended a SHG meeting for the first time, reverted back to me with this honest feedback: It was nice to see for the first time that many people stammer like me. But this visit has killed whatever little hope I had. You mean to say, I will ahve […]

Emperor is naked

Many years ago a child could not see the magic robe of the emperor and cried- But he is naked!Of course people were silent as if they expected the sky to fall. Child’s parents also tried to keep the child quiet.. But soon there was a group of children at the street corner, chanting the […]