Reaction what people gives when we stammer

There are some common reaction what people use to give when we stammer,like they smile, laugh ,mimic,avoid ,become serious or avoid eye contact.Now a days i am facing last reaction mean people around me avoiding eye contact when i stammer, like my brother,friends ,my seniors etc.some time i told people to make eye contact but […]

Lets Control Dopamine

some day back i was watching a recording of programme telecasted on CNN ,they were saying ” stuttering is a neuorological condition”.so there may be chances that scientist can develop some kind of medicine or pill to control/cure stammering . their dr macguire says that stammering is not due to physcological weakness but due to […]


I had attended workshop organized by TISA at delhi where we got sticker that we have stick on our cloths , “haklao magar pyar se” was printed on sticker.on last day of workshop when i was returning to home ,i decided not to put off sticker till i reached home… after reaching home i pasted […]

trip to Mathura

Last Saturday I was in Mathura to attend friend’s sister marriage, their I met with a young 15 year old boy ,he was stammering .I asked my friend to arrange a formal meeting with that boy (he is cousin of my friend). My friend introduced us…then i asked some question like …..r u stammering since […]


Don’t be confused. This is not a write up telling surgery is a solution for stammering, but a write up about the hernia surgery I had to undergo recently, 13-Jan-2011 to be exact. When I contacted Dr. Sachin to tell him about the surgery, he told me to write something inspirational after the recovery. I […]