Cure Your Fear

I always find myself complaining that no matter what I do,my fear always tends to overpower me in a speaking situation and I start substituting and avoiding words.No matter how much meditation,how much blogging I do,this fear never tends to go. Today,I found my answer !!!!!! I was reading a book by a very famous […]

will you please speak little louder

will you please speak little louder ……..these are some words which my listener want to say,he is already little dis comfortable with my dis fluency, still i am increasing his discomfort by speaking in low volume,he has to make some extra effort to listen me. This may be general problem with some pws ,they(including me) […]

I Have Stopped Taking Nonsense

This is regarding an incident that happened when I was at my training a month back.I was talking to a senior (not a senior really,he has done a two year diploma and hence started working 2 years before me,he is like 6 months older than me) about how I had to give a presentation at […]

Mr A and Mr B

Imagine a scenario-Mr A and Mr B are both pws who go to the same college.At the end of the semester each student has to give a presentation about a pregiven topic.Now let us go and see both the guys’ presentation:- We will take up Mr. A first: Mr. A wakes up in the in […]