Pune SHG Report(17 Jan 2016)

This week SHG meeting was attended by Amol,Nishu,Ravi,Sandeepan,Vishal,Vikram,Anshu.  Meeting started at around 10:30 am.  We started with doing meditation for 2 minutes. After doing meditation we did introduction  round in which along with introduction everyone has to speak about tools or techniques they are using to manage their stuttering.Afterwards we did a round of pausing […]

Pune SHG Meeting on 27 Dec 2015

Hello All, Everyone is invited for next Pune SHG meeting on 27 December 2015. Date: 27 December 2015(Sunday) Time: 10.15 am Venue: Senior Citizen hall,Dhole patil road,Ruby Hall Clinic,Near Pune railway station Nishu  is host for this meeting. Through these meetings we learn how to stammer with ease. We get more knowledge about stammering.  We meet […]

Pune SHG 20th December 2015

Pune had a SHG Meeting on 20th December hosted by Abhinav. (Amol,Dhruv,Dhananjay,Nishu,Abhinav,Girish) We also had Dhruv from mumbai in our SHG. The meeting started around 10.30am. We started with a round of introduction. Introduction consists of name,profession and how long you are associated with TISA. We had a new member Dhananjay he also introduced himself.Later […]

Pune Shg Report 13 December 2015

After a long gap pune witness such a good strength. It was really a amazing meeting. Everyone  enjoyed  a lot. There were 10 of us including 2 new entrants. Attendants From left to right(Dinesh,Nishu,Vipul,Shivakant(newbie),Pankaj,Abhinav,Vishal,Amol,Girish(newbie),Rahul) Vishal Yewale was the host so he was obligued to reach early. Around 10.30am everyone was there. We started with toastmaster […]

Pune SHG On 13 December 2015

You all are invited to Pune SHG meeting on 13 December(Tomorrow). Venue:- Senior Citizen hall,Dhole patil road,Ruby Hall Clinic,Near Pune railway station Time:10.15am Vishal is going to be the host for the meeting. If you have any queries feel free to call Amol 9763951322 or Vishal 8421452724

Pune SHG report 24 FEB 2013

Hi folks Some news from Pune SHG.It has not gone into solitary it was just out for refueling. The attendees were                 Sanjeet                 Vishwas                 RaviShankar                 Anup                 Amol(myself)                 Vivek Sharma(new member ) I reached the venue around 10.30 am.Vivek was already there.No one else was there. Then I and vivek started […]


PUNE SHG had a meeting on 9th Dec 2012. The member who attended the meeting were Sanjeet, Vikram Sachin Amol Vikas We first started with meditation in which sanjeet sir gave instructions how to do meditation. Next  activity we performed was Slow Reading. After that a round of introduction was done. As the number of attendees was […]

Pune shg report -26 august 2012

The Sunday meeting was great we had a very good response today. The meeting was initially started with me, sanjeet  sir,Ravishankar, Raghvendra,pradeep. We started with meditation.Later we had an activity of slow reading. After slow reading  we had an activity of self introduction .Sanjeet sir had some videos in his laptop so we decided to […]

Pune shg report

Hello Friends hope you are doing well. The members who attended PUNE SHG meet which was held on 12th August Amol, Pradeep, Vivek, Sachin, and Sanjeet. The first activity we had performed was Meditation. Sanjeet sir gave instructions for Meditations. After that slow reading was done. Later we introduce ourselves. We had session of question […]

Pune Shg-5th AUGUST 2012

Hello friends this is a report of Pune shg held on 5th AUGUST 2012. The members who attended meeting on 5th AUGUST  2012 were Anup,Sachin,Pradeep(New member),Vivek,Ravishankar and myself. As Pradeep has come for first shg meeting i told him about TISA and PUNE shg.I also told him about techniques like Bouncing,Prolongation and Slow Reading and demonstrated these […]

pune shg news

Today we planned to have a voluntary stuttering activity at some mall but some members attendance were not sure so I cancel the activity and decided that a shg meeting will be conducted. Meeting was attended by 6 pws Anup,Sanjeet,Amol(myself),Prabhat,Sagar(new member),Abhijeet(new member). First we have an activity of introduction everbody introduced in their normal way. […]

Pune Shg Meet

Today 6 people meet at pune shg meeting. The name of members who attended the meeting are Amol(myself) ,vivek ,Anup ,Sanjeet ,Vinay ,Mandhar.Anup has already attended Mumbai shg yesterday.He also attended todays pune shg.Of the members listed above I and vivek are only students and all rest members are doing job. We first started with […]


Pune shg meeting will be conducted on 19 feb 2012. Following are the venue and time details: Meeting will be started at 10.30 am. Venue: Senior citizen hall (also known as desai hall), Near Ganpati Mandir,Dhole patil road, Near Ruby hall, Near pune station for queries contact: 9763951322


  PUNE SHG on 12-2-2012 Pune shg is not taking place from a very long time. But today it takes place. Meeting started around 11am. Three pws were present at the meeting 1. Amol karale(myself a student) 2. Vivek singh(a student) 3. Ravishankar Gautam(a student) Vivek and I have attended some shg’s earlier.There was no […]


I am Amol karale from pune.I want to form pune shg again. Anybody interested in joining pune shg kindly contact on following details. My number-8888783618 Email id is amolkarale9763@gmail.com