TISA Dehradun SHG Meeting- 21st February, 2016

Hey everyone! Hope you all are doing well. This Sunday, TISA Dehradun SHG organized the communication meet at Gandhi Park in Dehradun. Total No of participants– 10 Name of the participants– Ashish, Dinesh Kumar Soni, Dinesh Kumar, Laxman, Harmeet, Jasmeet, Akash, Mohit, Chandra Mohan, Ujjwal (non-stammerer). As usual, most of the members were late! From […]

Pune SHG Meeting on 27 Dec 2015

Hello All, Everyone is invited for next Pune SHG meeting on 27 December 2015. Date: 27 December 2015(Sunday) Time: 10.15 am Venue: Senior Citizen hall,Dhole patil road,Ruby Hall Clinic,Near Pune railway station Nishu  is host for this meeting. Through these meetings we learn how to stammer with ease. We get more knowledge about stammering.  We meet […]

Mock job Interviews for PWS!!

In our last shg meeting, few friends expressed their intention to take some technical interviews of pws! to enhance their communication and interview taking skills!! In this regard, I have created below spreadsheet. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0An3DVRaAXFQ7dHNtc0lUT0hpNUNEcEx5eGVYMkZqVVE&usp=sharing If you want to give interview (aspiring for job or change or just like that!) then update your details under “For […]