Dehradun SHG Meeting at Gandhi Park on 10th April

Dehradun SHG Meeting #2016 Host : Sachin Srivastava Date : 10th April Timing : 2 pm Venue : Gandhi park We were 7 people, Ravinder singh,Vipul Aarsh,Vivek puri,Shivang mehta,Gaurav sajvan,Suraj and Sachin sir. This time we had 3 new members.Shivang from Pune,Vivek from hoshiarpur  and suraj from jollygrant. We started the meeting with the formal […]

TISA Dehradun SHG Meeting- 21st February, 2016

Hey everyone! Hope you all are doing well. This Sunday, TISA Dehradun SHG organized the communication meet at Gandhi Park in Dehradun. Total No of participants– 10 Name of the participants– Ashish, Dinesh Kumar Soni, Dinesh Kumar, Laxman, Harmeet, Jasmeet, Akash, Mohit, Chandra Mohan, Ujjwal (non-stammerer). As usual, most of the members were late! From […]

Communication Workshop 2016 in Dehradun, 24th Jan- 26th Jan, 2016

Comm WS Report  Media: Times of India, Daily Pioneer, Amazing Pics (Thank you, Ashish Lakra) Day 1: About 20 participants. Many from Delhi. One from Vijaywada. One from Makrana, Rajasthan. One from Jaunpur. A senior couple (Dhruv’s parents) from Punjab. After a little intro and a little conceptual background, participants were requested to conduct mutual […]

Dehradun SHG Meeting– 23rd August, 2015 and 30th August, 2015

Whenever I come here to share our experiences at Dehradun SHG Meet, I am always excited! This is because each and every week I meet new PWS, get to know their experiences and each time I learn something new. “Learning is an everlasting process!“ DEHRADUN SHG MEET 23rd AUGUST, 2015 So on 23rd August, 2015 […]