Namaste America and Hello India !!

जब ऊपर वाला देता है तो छप्पर फाड़ के देता है !!  This is indeed true. One month back we got the opportunity to interact with students from Canada ( click here to read) and now this time we had the opportunity of interacting with students from USA. On 29th May, 2016, a group of students […]

Dehradun SHG Meeting– 23rd August, 2015 and 30th August, 2015

Whenever I come here to share our experiences at Dehradun SHG Meet, I am always excited! This is because each and every week I meet new PWS, get to know their experiences and each time I learn something new. “Learning is an everlasting process!“ DEHRADUN SHG MEET 23rd AUGUST, 2015 So on 23rd August, 2015 […]