Namaste America and Hello India !!

जब ऊपर वाला देता है तो छप्पर फाड़ के देता है !!  This is indeed true. One month back we got the opportunity to interact with students from Canada ( click here to read) and now this time we had the opportunity of interacting with students from USA. On 29th May, 2016, a group of students […]

News@Hyderabad chapter on 27 March Hello all,    We were around 7 people for the meetup Eshwar,Govind,Surya,Ramu,Shiva Sai,Shiva Reddy,Anjaneyulu. As me and Surya entered the park we found Eshwar and Govind, who are waiting for other people. We found a cool place and were about start the meeting mean while Shiva Sai,Shiva Reddy and Anjaneyulu […]