Pune SHG Report(17 Jan 2016)

This week SHG meeting was attended by Amol,Nishu,Ravi,Sandeepan,Vishal,Vikram,Anshu.  Meeting started at around 10:30 am.  We started with doing meditation for 2 minutes. After doing meditation we did introduction  round in which along with introduction everyone has to speak about tools or techniques they are using to manage their stuttering.Afterwards we did a round of pausing […]

Pune SHG Meeting on 27 Dec 2015

Hello All, Everyone is invited for next Pune SHG meeting on 27 December 2015. Date: 27 December 2015(Sunday) Time: 10.15 am Venue: Senior Citizen hall,Dhole patil road,Ruby Hall Clinic,Near Pune railway station Nishu  is host for this meeting. Through these meetings we learn how to stammer with ease. We get more knowledge about stammering.  We meet […]

Pune SHG 20th December 2015

Pune had a SHG Meeting on 20th December hosted by Abhinav. (Amol,Dhruv,Dhananjay,Nishu,Abhinav,Girish) We also had Dhruv from mumbai in our SHG. The meeting started around 10.30am. We started with a round of introduction. Introduction consists of name,profession and how long you are associated with TISA. We had a new member Dhananjay he also introduced himself.Later […]

Pune Shg Report 13 December 2015

After a long gap pune witness such a good strength. It was really a amazing meeting. Everyone  enjoyed  a lot. There were 10 of us including 2 new entrants. Attendants From left to right(Dinesh,Nishu,Vipul,Shivakant(newbie),Pankaj,Abhinav,Vishal,Amol,Girish(newbie),Rahul) Vishal Yewale was the host so he was obligued to reach early. Around 10.30am everyone was there. We started with toastmaster […]