Pune SHG 20th December 2015

Pune had a SHG Meeting on 20th December hosted by Abhinav.


We also had Dhruv from mumbai in our SHG.
The meeting started around 10.30am. We started with a round of introduction. Introduction consists of name,profession and how long you are associated with TISA.
We had a new member Dhananjay he also introduced himself.Later i and abhinav explained about TISA to Dhananjay as he is a newbie. He has some queries  we clarify his queries too.
In the meantime Dhruv and Nishu too join. We also had their introduction. When Dhruv gave his introduction few people were eager to know how his accent is so different. Then he shared his story in brief.That he has stayed outside India  for a quite long time.
Later we explained techniques to Dhananjay.
Afterwards we had a engine exercise.In this we have to select a letter a word from hindi varnmala and have to speak that letter till our breath is out.
Later we had Role Play round. We divided in pair and every pair has assigned some situation to speak out.
After a round of Role play we had a round where everyone has to speak about any topic of their own. I spoke about Five monkey experiment. Abhinav talked about his life and how he is managing stammering. Girish also talk about his life experiences about stammering. Dhruv also share his story that in Hindi too.  Dhananjay share some incidents related to stammering  from the past.
We ended up with here with some random chit chat.
For the next meeting Nishu is the host.
If you are in pune and have some queries regarding SHG feel free to call below contacts.
Amol Karale
Vishal Yewale

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    (December 22, 2015 - 5:32 am)

    Congratulations!! Amol and team, great going in Pune SHG. I am seeing the consistency and growth in Pune SHG.

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