Pune SHG 20th December 2015

Pune had a SHG Meeting on 20th December hosted by Abhinav. (Amol,Dhruv,Dhananjay,Nishu,Abhinav,Girish) We also had Dhruv from mumbai in our SHG. The meeting started around 10.30am. We started with a round of introduction. Introduction consists of name,profession and how long you are associated with TISA. We had a new member Dhananjay he also introduced himself.Later […]

Pune Shg Report 13 December 2015

After a long gap pune witness such a good strength. It was really a amazing meeting. Everyone  enjoyed  a lot. There were 10 of us including 2 new entrants. Attendants From left to right(Dinesh,Nishu,Vipul,Shivakant(newbie),Pankaj,Abhinav,Vishal,Amol,Girish(newbie),Rahul) Vishal Yewale was the host so he was obligued to reach early. Around 10.30am everyone was there. We started with toastmaster […]