Pune Shg Meet

Today 6 people meet at pune shg meeting.
The name of members who attended the meeting are Amol(myself) ,vivek ,Anup ,Sanjeet ,Vinay ,Mandhar.Anup has already attended Mumbai shg yesterday.He also attended todays pune shg.Of the members listed above I and vivek are only students and all rest members are doing job.
We first started with introduction including hometown and hobbies. After that we did meditation mandhar sir told us how to do a proper meditation. We also did neck rotation exercises as suggested by vinay as they relax our neck muscles. Then we did some slow reading practice. After that we have done story telling using some techniques like prolongation or bouncing. Presentations were also there and then feedback session was there.
I gave presentation on meditation.Vivek has given a situation that he is recruitment head of his college and suppose a company for recruitment came to his college how he  will introduce  college to company.Then vivek talk about his college.We also ask him questions.After that  sanjeet,vinay and mandhar  also given presentation .We were not getting  any topic which can be given to them.Then we decided that they will talk about their job experiences and what difficulties they are facing in their job.They share their experiences of job.They talked about how they handle client call.Anup talked about his hometown and share some of his experiences of job,college.Anup told that he only stammers in nervous  situations like in his office.Then mandhar sir told him that how to strong ACCEPTANCE. Mandhar sir adviced me and vivek to take part in extracurricular activities in colleges it can help to gain confidence.
For the next meeting we are planning to have mock interviews.
We decided that we should take out some contribution and will seek help from any professional who will guide us in shg’s meetings. If anybody have any contact of any good therapist,pschyo-analyst or any professional  in pune who can help us in shg kindly mail me at amolkarale9763@gmail.com.

Post Author: Harish Usgaonker

2 thoughts on “Pune Shg Meet


    (March 11, 2012 - 1:54 pm)

    I think if you contacted some local NGO staff, you may find a senior person, who may come and listen to your presentation or role play and give you all, good feedback. While working in NGOs since 1993, we used to do this to improve our presentation skills regularly.. It wont cost you money either.
    If anyone needs more help, join us on skype conference (contact Aishkarthik- see the blog for dates)


    (March 11, 2012 - 2:09 pm)

    Yes, I too second Dr Sachin. You guys can find a lot of people from local NGOs and non profits who would be interested to attend your meetings. While they come to listen to you, you guys too can reciprocate and volunteer for them 🙂

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