Mumbai SHG – Dec 15, 2019

Participants: Nikhil, Ishan,Saurabh,Rahim, Vishal, Dhruv Date: Sunday, Dec 15 Time: 2 – 4 pm Venue: Lakers Rotary Center, Powai Agenda: – Silence / relaxation through conscious slow breathing 🤱🏽(5 mins) – Change Game – meet & greet each other 1-1 and then change partners 🙏🏽(15 mins) – Energizer – bum game or naani paani […]

Mumbai (Powai) SHG – July 14

SHG meeting yesterday was fun. As a facilitator, I really enjoyed. However, the key is how did the participants enjoy. I will be getting their feedback soon. We began the meeting with introductions. Each one standing up, doing a 1 minute pause while making eye-contact with all friends in the room, and then sharing just […]

Mumbai (Powai) SHG – July 7

Rahim and I analyzed our stammering today through multiple interviews of each other. We then watched the videos of these interviews, and listed what we saw – calm/nervous, body language, eye contact, gestures, primary and secondary behaviors. We then picked one behavior to work on, and did some practice making videos. Abhyaas, vairagya ke saath, zaroori […]

Mumbai SHG (Powai) – June 9

We didn’t take a photo today. Sunny and I took part in the meeting. We followed the TISA SHG Manual Session 2. We did several rounds of bouncing practice, talked about its importance and benefits. We set two goals to meet this week with regard to bouncing practice. We then discussed keeping a daily log […]

Mumbai SHG (Powai) – June 2

Pradyumna, Sunny, and I (Dhruv) had a nice meeting.. we did session 1 in the TISA SHG manual – extempore presentations, followed by experience sharing, feedback sharing, 2nd round of extempore presentations, and discussions. For all who missed today, and plan to join from next Sunday, please join the TISA MOOC and complete Core Task […]

Mumbai SHG – April 29 2018

Participants: Rajesh, Sandesh, Siddhant, Dhruv Introductions were shared as people trickled in.. Recite a poem: Then we recited a poem that we found on our phones. A few poems were: Agnipath, Caged Bird, Don’t Quit. The purpose of reciting poems is that it helps you become aware of how you naturally pause and stress/prolongate certain […]

Mumbai SHG – Nov 5 & 12

On November 5, we did Session 1 in the TISA_SHG_Manual. Videos from the session can be found on the TISA Mumbai YouTube Channel. Sandesh brought a cake, bought with money leftover from the post-National Conference trip. Watch short video of the Birthday Celebrations here. On November 12, we did session 2 in the TISA_SHG_Manual. We all decided to […]

PUNE SHG Summary by Satyendra

Hello Friends, I am sharing some moments of today’s SHG meeting. We reached at destination point at 10.40 and started with two motivational videos on laptop with heavy sound (speaker) (this was the suspense I have mentioned in the beginning). After gearing up we have gone through the cool Introduction. Then went through the good […]

Pune SHG Meet

Dear all! We had a fun SHG meeting in Pune today. Thanks to all who came. We followed the TISA SHG Manual, and did Session 1. You can watch the youtube videos of all participants here: Amit on Fitness 1 Amit on Fitness 2 Ameya on Eating Healthy 1 Ameya on Eating Healthy 2 Chandan […]

That moment of fear made my day

Today we had our quality management meeting in our company. All of us gathered in the conference room. Roughly around 30 new trainees were there including me. The quality manager came and started the presentation. He started asking questions to all of us along with introduction. I became very uneasy sensing that my turn would […]

Mumbai SHG: A beautiful moment…

Aaj ki SHG meet mein, family-wala feeling aiya… Participants (from right): Ashok Agicha (Ashu), Bharat Soni, Jayesh Patil, Bhavana Patil, Dhruv Gupta Meeting ke pele, I was lying in my bed – not happy with the world. Meeting ke bad – I feel great! I was feeling lonely; a common human emotion. Meeting TISA friends, […]

Pune SHG – 3rd Sept 2017

SHG Meeting 3rd Sept. 2017 Venue: Senior Citizen Hall, Dhole Patil Road, Pune I reached the venue at 10:25, Satyendra and Amit were already there, we three then greeted each other. We then moved inside as it was the time for the meeting. Afterward, Kunal and Vipul came. We began the meeting by introducing ourselves. […]

Mumbai SHG minutes of May 7

We began the meeting by each sharing one experience in the past week that was courageous. Ashu shared that what once took courage, may be a normal everyday activity now – this could be called as EXPANDING your comfort zone. Then, we began work on the new Effective Communicator Manual. The first activity was to Extempore Speeches facilitated […]

Mangalore Communication Workshop

Date: Friday-Sunday: 16th – 18th June 2017 Timing: 9 am to 6 pm (if coming from out of town, try to reach the evening before we begin) Venue & Accommodation: COPD Institute for Social Development ( Who can attend? Newcomers based in/around Mangalore limited seats Facilitators: Dr. Sachin, Harish Usgaonkar What is a communication workshop? Some examples…  White Paper on Comm Workshop 07-17 […]

Mumbai SHG MoM April 9

SHG Meeting ?: YMCA Ghatkopar ?: 2:30-5pm ?: Today, ☀day April 9 Theme: Dnt shutup but bounce Agenda: – Introduction??‍♂ – Facing Fears? – Control of secondary behaviours consciously??‍♂ -Energizer?? -Joke activity? -Fun activity?? -Health tip? -Action plan for the week?? Host -Ashu ? Co-host -Everyone? It was funnnn?. Join us every Sunday in Mumbai! […]

Mumbai SHG MoM April 16

A PRESENT-minded meeting.. we met at YMCA Ghatkopar. As each one came in, we greeted each other, and asked simple questions – “small talk”, before the BIG talk :). We started off with the Uncle Joe game. We are packing Uncle Joe’s bag before he goes on a trip. Each one of us packed something, and […]

Mumbai MoM April 2

Mumbai SHG Minutes of the Meeting (MoM) April 2 ?: YMCA Ghatkopar ?: 2:30-6 ?: ☀day April 2 Theme: Friendship Hosts: Tarun & Dhruv Agenda: – Change Game: We made pairs and talked in that pair for 2 minutes, then someone yelled “CHANGE!”, and we switched to talk to someone else. Great way to meet everyone, […]