Pune SHG – 3rd Sept 2017

SHG Meeting 3rd Sept. 2017
Venue: Senior Citizen Hall, Dhole Patil Road, Pune

I reached the venue at 10:25, Satyendra and Amit were already there, we three then greeted each other.
We then moved inside as it was the time for the meeting.
Afterward, Kunal and Vipul came.
We began the meeting by introducing ourselves. Post introduction, we discussed and practiced some techniques, I explained about bouncing, Satyendra explained about pausing and Amit explained about prolongation, we all together practiced these techniques.
Next was reading, we all read a paragraph each from a book using all the techniques mentioned above.
After reading, we had extempore, it was a chance for all of us to think and come up with topics.
As the atmosphere had become a little tensed, we all decided to have a singing round and loosen up a bit. Satyendra sang a very inspiring song “I Lived” by “One Republic”.
We then had role plays, Vipul and I played the roles of a movie star and an interviewer respectively. Amit and Satyendra played a scene between a student and a principal. We all had fun playing our roles and watching everyone play theirs. We should do this more often.
Afterwards, we had a feedback session which helped all of us to know our good qualities and the areas which we need to improve upon.
We then concluded the meeting and dispersed saying goodbye.
The meeting was really wonderful.
Thank You all for coming!

– Pratik Patil

Post Author: Dhruv Gupta

2 thoughts on “Pune SHG – 3rd Sept 2017


    (September 4, 2017 - 11:41 am)

    Pratik, will I be seeing you in Chandigarh? Do come, unless you are seeing Trump at that time? :))
    Till then, keep meeting like this…

    Pratik Patil

    (September 4, 2017 - 8:06 pm)

    Hi Sachin Sir, I really wanted to come to NC this year but unfortunately we are having our end sem exams at that time…?

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