PUNE SHG Summary by Satyendra

Hello Friends,
I am sharing some moments of today’s SHG meeting.
We reached at destination point at 10.40 and started with two motivational videos on laptop with heavy sound (speaker) (this was the suspense I have mentioned in the beginning). After gearing up we have gone through the cool Introduction. Then went through the good moment sharing of our life that was really awesome. After this we have played again one motivational video then gone through the costal breathing discussion as well as practice then we have discussed about the brute force and tried to know it’s logic. Now the time was of stage speaking topic through chit picking. Everyone has spoken very well on their topic. I have mentioned their topic in below table. Then again the time was of to play one more inspirational video. After this we have made group of two person for Role Play activity, that was also awesome, Role and their partner are mentioned in below table. After this we have come through the Joke telling round and through this we have wrapped up this meeting.😀😀🙏🙏

– Satyendra

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