That moment of fear made my day

Today we had our quality management meeting in our company. All of us gathered in the conference room. Roughly around 30 new trainees were there including me. The quality manager came and started the presentation.
He started asking questions to all of us along with introduction. I became very uneasy sensing that my turn would come soon. I don’t know why, heart beat became faster as my chance neared. Deep down I was very unsettled at that moment?
I planned and decided to bounce off my name. A thought passed by.. ” What would my fellow mates think of it, especially the new ones who just know me by face” . I struggled intensely with the moment, until my turn came.

Finally, my turn came. I took a brief pause. I bounced off on the first alphabet. At that moment, few of them laughed? I continued bouncing, the laughter also stopped after while, and I was still bouncing. All eyes on me?. The manager also looking at me. I was still bouncing. Few seconds passed by.
I got a strange sense of control, that moment itself was so relieving. I want to describe that moment where I felt that sense of thoughtlessness. It was so peaceful. As if I controlled that moment. This was something new I tried today. It was bouncing for a sustained duration. A few moments into bouncing I got a sense of feel that I can speak my name, I chose to bounce for a while, and that feeling of control started to increase. As if I controlled the flow. After that I spoke my name. The rest of the presentation I felt relaxed and enjoyed. That moment of fear made my day.??? yayyyy…

Vipul Patil, TISA Pune

Post Author: Dhruv Gupta

1 thought on “That moment of fear made my day


    (September 11, 2017 - 9:14 pm)

    wah wah.. dil khush ho gaya.. Self-help works and you are demonstrating it every moment of your life..
    God bless you!

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