Mumbai SHG minutes of May 7

We began the meeting by each sharing one experience in the past week that was courageous. Ashu shared that what once took courage, may be a normal everyday activity now – this could be called as EXPANDING your comfort zone.

Then, we began work on the new Effective Communicator Manual.

The first activity was to Extempore Speeches facilitated by Bhavana Patil. The theme was “Team Spirt”:

Bhavana Extempore – “Side of me that nobody knows”

The second activity was to Draw Your Stammer: 

After all, you may have been stammering your whole life, so you’re an expert on it; Teach us about your Stammer. What would your stammer look like if you put it on paper? You can use colored pencils, markers, anything, its up to you! Try not to use words in this exercise, just drawing and coloring. Remember, to be creative and honest!

Ashu in “Draw your stammer”

Bhavana in ‘Draw your stammer’

Saurabh in ‘Draw your stammer’

Dhruv in ‘Draw your stammer’

Third Activity was Draw our Iceberg:

  • On the tip of the iceberg, write in everything that is VISIBLE when you stutter. For example, your eyes may close, face grimaces, or you repeat sounds and words.
  • On the part underneath the water on the left side, write everything you do because of stammering. For example: switch words, changing your order in a restaurant, avoiding speaking, etc.
    On the right side, write as many of your feelings about stammering as you can think of. For example, frustration, embarrassment, shame, anger, etc.

Saurabh’s Iceberg: 

Ashu’s Iceberg:   

Bhavana’s Iceberg: 

Dhruv’s Iceberg: 


We then discussed our goals for being in SHG. If we shared I want to improve your communication, we asked Why? Some examples:

“I want to be more social.”
“I want to talk to girls or boys!”
“I want to get a better job.”
“I want to pursue the career of my dreams”
“I want to be more confident.”
“I want to be cool.”

Here are the overall program goals:

Program Goals

  • Accept your stammer, by becoming an expert in the field of stammering & no longer hide stammering (reduce shame and avoidance), and develop a sense of freedom and confidence in entering differnet speaking situations, whether or not you stammer while speaking
  • Communication skills improvement
  • Practice Self-Help, and help others! Create healthy outlets to experience your emotions

Also, we asked: What is Progress?

Progress is different for different people. In fact, stammering more could be a sign of progress, as they are no longer avoiding words or situations! Progress is measured not only in changes in how you stammer, but also how you think and feel about yourself.

Then, we discussed what is left to complete in Project 1 in the Effective Communicator Manual. We all agreed to do the suggested routine described to start the acceptance process, on Page 13 of Apna Haat Jagannath.

After that, we held elections for leadership positions, described in SHG Leadership Handbook, that last for 6 month terms. Election results:

President: Ashok Agicha (Ashu)

Vice-President Education: Dhruv Gupta

Vice-President Public Relations: Bhavana Patil

Sergeant in Arms – Saurabh Pandey

(excuse the handwriting ?)

We then set the agenda for the next meeting – Sunday, May 14 from 2:30-5 pm. 

We meet every Sunday at YMCA Ghatkopar from 2:30-5 pm. YMCA Ghatkopar Address:

To join the Mumbai Whatsapp group, msg Ashu 9922669510, Dhruv 9930693364, Bhavana 9420497157, or Saurabh 8655717561.

Also, you can join this group:, visit our website:, join whatsapp group:

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    (May 15, 2017 - 11:32 am)

    Great! Bhawna you are on the front page now! Congrats!
    I am highly intrigued about “sergeant in arms”. Is he something like a “bouncer” at the parties?
    The manual is great idea. I have already requested Amit Kushwaha to do a Hindi translation for you and other SHGs..
    Nice to see so many smiling faces..

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