Mumbai (Powai) SHG – July 14

SHG meeting yesterday was fun. As a facilitator, I really enjoyed. However, the key is how did the participants enjoy. I will be getting their feedback soon.

We began the meeting with introductions. Each one standing up, doing a 1 minute pause while making eye-contact with all friends in the room, and then sharing just their first name. We then discussed ground rules of an SHG. Followed by extempore speeches, feedback, and a second round of extempore speeches!

We concluded that as a young PWS we have a habit of getting excited before a speaking situation, and it is possible to become aware of this excitement and with practice learn to become more comfortable and relaxed. We also discussed the key points of good communication like eye contact, a few core ideas shared briefly, and being relaxed and clear.

Today’s SHG was based on Session 1 of the TISA SHG Manual.

Home assignments: Sign up for TISA MOOC, and complete Core Task 1. Also, should you wish to accept it, write a 200-300 word story about your childhood.

Next meeting: Sunday, July 21 from 3:30 – 6 pm at Rotary Centre, Powai.


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