If You didn’t see a Miracle,You try to become One Miracle

Dear All, this post aims at people who are feeling shy, feeling low or confused to talk. Even though still I stutter but not anymore with shyness and in confusion. I am trying to accept that its my way of talking, Yes I stutter so WHAT !!!
Let me begin with a fact “Stammering can be dissolved from your speech IF YOU TRY”
There are people who were stammerers in past and got cured.
To mention a few Dr.Sachin ji and Hrithik Roshan.
Do you know people in history who Stammer?
Famous Scientists( “Isaac Newton”, “Charles Darwin”, “Albert Einstein”) the count goes on in every field.You name it,we are there in that field.
I request you to see the all videos which I refer in this post.

What about people who are dumb by birth, What shall they do? Have they given up?

We shall be thankful to God at least as we are not dumb by birth but we stammer, thats at We just only Stammer.What about people who dont have limbs at all right from their birth or lost them in middle of life? Have they given up?

God had a plan for us 🙂 So we are born of Stammering.We are given a chance to write our life.We have a chance to turn into normal fluent speakers.
We are stutterers not sinners.Stuttering is not a crime Its just another way of talking or speaking.
We face many challenges daily in speaking, Did you ever thought how strong we became by now facing all such scenarios through out our life?
Yes we have become strong already but fact is we didnt realize that strongness in us!!!
Looking in mirror ?
Yes its you who crossed these many years with stammering and still counting.You have that strong and boldness but please also have a hope which will dissolve stammering one day.
We are already strong equal to ocean’s strenght. Like a stone wall 🙂

Remember there were no words in stone age, only gestures were there.
There were no words like God, Mom, Dad at that age, It is we who created words, sounds and languages.At that stone age time only Smile, Love, Anger, Hunger ,Cry and Courage Hunt were words for communication or gestures or languages to express.
Speech is one way of different communications which we have, we can have many other ways to communicate. Where there is a will there is way 🙂
What do you say seeing this video???

Hasn’t  he excelled his way???

Ok all these above videos say that they are disabled.If disabled persons can do these many miracles.
What about us?
If we target a little hope, a small hope in our minds, What can we do?
If we Invest a small hope then we can surely see miracles in our lifes.

Did you ever read in news that Cancer was cured without radiation or chemotherapy?
Yes there are many people in world who got cured from cancer, they are just cured because they have medicated with only confidence, only with self help. So when there was no hope of medication for cancer then the hope of self confidence has done miracles for them. If a monster like cancer itself left the body why can’t stammering go away?

Have you ever stuttered in a place where no one present around you or have u stuttered when talking to yourself?
The answer would be no 🙂 So we are not having a speech disorders.We are just Trans-Fluencers. That means not fluent completely but we are fluent to some percent and we can turn into fluent speakers with a good workouts.Not the workouts at gym 🙂 The workouts with your Hope and Confidence in Life.

Don’t get depressed or give up for not speaking 100% fluently.
Try to be 1% fluent today, try to see 1% hope and confidence today.
Try to add 1% to all the above things and one day you will see all becoming 100% if not 100 at least 99, Its a good percent sill. Something is better than nothing right?

So let me welcome you to the truth for life in our Stammerers.
Yes only Hope is truth and only Confidence is our air to live.

————————————Join SHG to feel the Hope-————————————–.
I suggest you to join SHG(self help group) in your city, where a group of stammerers arrive at a place and exchange many things in their life.We share truth, hope,confidence and tips to overcome stammering.
One becomes teacher to others over here. We get inspired by others and we inspire others. You help others and others help you.This is what Self Help Group means.
Together we Stand up and Together We Succeed.
You can find in below link where we have SHGs in various cities of India.
And if your city is not there in that link not a problem, Let us know We will form one for you.
But before that I would like to talk to you in skype or cell.
If you have access to internet then come on skype.
Add me with skype id “rajesh.jaca2”
My contact number is 96 76 82 0007
My email-ids: rajesh.jaca@gmail.com and wanted2talk2u@yahoo.co.in

Everyday in between 9:00PM IST to 11:00PM IST I am online with our friends.
We discuss a lot.We have a world where none will question us,none will laugh at us.
I wish and request you to come once in skype and feel the hope and confidence we got with our group members.
I am trying to overcome it,will you join me.
I want to hear from you.
If you didnt see a Miracle,You try to become one !!! (by some famous person)

All The Best.
With Regards,
Rajesh V.

Post Author: Harish Usgaonker

3 thoughts on “If You didn’t see a Miracle,You try to become One Miracle


    (April 11, 2012 - 2:16 pm)

    This is AWE inspiring Rajesh.
    The GOD has been kind and he has given us a scope to improve. While there is scope to improve, we should put in our heart and blood in to it.
    Lets not worry about the outcome, lets worry about doing our BEST.

    And yes, our BEST is more often than not good enough to surmount anything and everying.


    (April 12, 2012 - 6:40 am)

    Rajesh, you are turning out to be the No 1 contributor to TISA blog 🙂


    (April 12, 2012 - 11:39 am)

    @Dinesh— Thanks and well said bro.

    @JP—Thanks bro, Its you all who are inspiring me in every angle to write all these kind of posts.

    With Regards.

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