From Peerbhai!

About a year ago I also did stumble upon EFT and I agree with you that it is fun to work with. In fact I had uploaded the EFT manual on IPWS website (file section) on 21/10/2009. From what I read and saw on You Tube videos – it takes about 5 to 10 minutes […]

Rate a therapist, win a block (of ice-cream)!

Readers have been asking TISA for advice as to which SLP should they go to or take their children to. So far our well considered policy has been to recommend either the therapist in a government hospital or self help groups (TISA or otherwise). Many PWS dont share their therapy experiences and therefore there is […]

Heart warming story..

A young IPWS from Delhi has told me on phone about good services given by a lady speech therapist in LNJP hopsital; It is heart warming to hear such testimonies. I think we should not forget the government institutions. Many good doctors could be working there. Here is his message (ignore the language, read the […]

DAF review

Delayed Auditory feedback is based on Choral effect. When you say something in unison with others- you forget all your hesitation and speak fluently. This is no cure and no strategy for long term management. Just a way to convince yourself that you can be fluent- under some circumstances- if you already did not know […]

Feedback from Banglore

Here is a feedback about how Self help groups facilitate deeper change in individuals, received from Tanoy in Banglore: Holi was Ok..ok but Trek was excellent…Actually, I joined a trek group called ‘Bangalore Ascender’. It is also like TISA, where people of common interest come together and go for trekking across Karnataka. And TISA helped […]

Pagoclone- promising?

Here is a post, received from Manish, via Akash, about Pagoclone trials.J Clin Psychopharmacol. 2010 Feb;30(1):48-56. Exploratory randomized clinical study of pagoclone in persistent developmental stuttering: the EXamining Pagoclone for peRsistent dEvelopmental Stuttering Study. Maguire G, Franklin D, Vatakis NG, Morgenshtern E, Denko T, Yaruss JS, Spotts C, Davis L, Davis A, Fox P, Soni […]

Stammering dudes

Romi, a recovering PWS, has started a blog. He spent 3 weeks with TISA sometime back. He explored his fears, his coping strategies, attitude to communication. Learned better ways of dealing with his fears, issues, anxiety and speech related tasks. He decided to start a new chapter in life- based on courage, experimentation and forward […]

New things in the new year?

“My name is Steven Kaufman and I am a person who stutters. Until next time, stand up and be counted. Make your voice heard.” (blog)Steven signs off all his posts with the above two liner. Yes, all his posts end thus. If I understand him correct- he is walking down the royal road of acceptance […]

Kill “Kill your stutter”

The website mentioned above is an insult to the intelligence and common sense of people who stutter. Plain and simple. It is also an insult to people responsible for maintaining ethics and objectivity in advertising. This is worst kind of Internet based swindling operation.This site talks about scientific research but offers no details. Talks about […]

Self Hypnotism and slowing your life down..

Dear friends,There were 9 PWS who attended the 22nd March meeting. In this meeting Mr.Ramesh who came on our request, has demonstrated about self-Hypnotism which was liked by every one. This self-hypnotism is basically meant to feed positive thoughts into our sub-conscious mind. Really a good one. A practical guide to control the stammering which […]

Questions and answers

Keith Boss recently replied to a young IPWS. We have left out the questions, because we know them too well. In any case, you can guess them from the answers. We are sharing here these answers because many of us may still have these questions..——————————————————— Good to hear from you.Questions / Answers. CURE OF STAMMERINGThere […]

Practice, Practice, Practice…

Dear friends,The 15th March Chennai chapter meeting were attended by 15 PWS with an additionof 2 new members.As usual, everyone sang a song at the beginning.Then each one was asked to tellhis name, Father,Mother,Grand fathers and grand Mother’s name,his qualificationand his place of residence in that order with 3 secs pause between eachone.Barring a couple […]

Fear the FEAR

The other day I was talking to a young man- an IT pro, looking for a job: Actually, It was a counseling session: I was encouraging him to talk about his speech – he is a PWS. I was a little bit taken aback, when he said that his speech was fine- it was just […]

Memories and memories..

Someone asked TISA about role of memories and should these be shared in SHG. We are sharing the answer so that everyone benefits, especially those who are involved with SHGs. Role of Memories in continuation of stammering: The current belief is that neurologically, memories and related emotional and physiological responses and closely connected (wired) in […]

Face the Fear and Rise above it!

Dear Friends,The Chennai chapter meeting on 8th March were attended by 15 pws.As usual, everyone sang a song at the beginning. Then, every one asked to speak first slowly with pausing of 3 secs between sentences. Then, voluntary stuttering.Though some pws finding it difficult at the beginning, but after some time they started enjoying it […]

Chennai meets

Dear friends,The Chennai chapter meeting held on 1st March was attended by 10 pws. As decided in the last meeting, we begun with each one singing a song to make the environment stress free. Everybody sang very well. As decided in the last meeting, every one was asked to speak either normally or slowly but […]

Gabbar, Jai and Biru in Herbertpur

This Sunday, four of us were there in Samagra: Anant, Parmanand, Anil and self (Board exams are ahead so other students could not come). We practiced bouncing and increased the speed as we went. Anant had seen Sholay, the famous movie, recently. So we practiced story telling and gradually introduced various communication ‘stressors’; it went […]